Youtubes & Books?!

So whilst doing my daily browsing I realised something... Loads Of Youtubers are making books! WHHAAT?
I mean I don't blame them for trying to get their audience to read but GODDAMIT IM FEELING PRESSURED.
With me, Reading is not my friend that's why I quit along time ago but with all these books I feel like I need too. Like, Really need to!

Oh wait, I'm poor I cannot afford these £6-£15 pound books they're selling!



Building My Lil' Soldier Army!

So I recently connected with the all mighty Google+ and Holy Cheese my page views are increasing by the minute! Which gets me emotional (total drama queen right now) but for new people all you need to know is :
-I like food
-I have an obsessive crush on dan howell
-I love the vampire diaries,the originals,total divas and orange is the new black
-Crazy eyes should be my Bessie (Oitnb reference)
-I REALLY like food
-cookies are my obsession
-I like to bake
-youtube is life
-I'm too awkward to function
-I have a twitter.Follow me! twitter.com/terribleteen2
Oh and I like food


It's been too long....

The originals and the vampire diaries is still on hiatus and I'm slowly dying
Help me..
SERIOUSLY I refuse to go on without the comfort of Klaus and Stefan and Damon UGH.

Meh, i'll just sit in the corner of my room and rock back and forth.

No biggie

(but seriously I need professional help)




So.. I haven't posted anything in a while-sies so I decided to make a post on my recent weird experience (makes popcorn)
This going to be a weird story..
So the day just before I went to bed I spent the whole day stressing because I didn't get to go somewhere I wanted to go (it was swimming btw, I really wanted to go swimming) but I didn't (#icrieverytim) so instead I went running BUT I got really tired afterwards so I went to bed SUPER EARLY but I had a weird dream that I went into my mums room asking for a vest and I dreamt that I searched her whole room down and she called me stupid because I wanted a vest so late at night and I said I needed it. So the next day I woke up having that weird vision. So I decided to call my mum to ask if it really was a dream and in fact..
BUT.. how did I remember and how did I communicate so obvs I had to do research and apparently its called Conscious sleepwalking or something so these past few days I've been feeling pretty weird about myself but now I feel better thanks to this awkwardly hilarious picture :
Thank you Alpine Ibexes, Now, Do YOU crave that mineral? XD
 I'm so sorry, I'll leave the room..



Felt like I needed to make this blogpost because literally ALL WEEK I have been freaking out about a test it took:
3 days revision
Kinaesthetic learning techniques and Support to finally clear my mind but even then I decided to get a potion that I thought would help me be smart (I believe in potions please don't crucify me) it contained Ribena,rosemary,water and mint extract and the only thing it did for me is give me a nauseous feeling so I will never do that again but literally I revised HARDCORE ,I made questions, I used about 800 pages of paper and  I took finger blisters just to remember 6 pages of a textbook.
Just before the test I had to force myself to calm down or else an ambulance would have to be called and when I finally done the test it was the easiest thing EVER, turns out I only need 1 page of revision (you may be asking , what's my point) my point is don't freak out, its easy as long as you have the knowledge to answer questions correctly with the relevant information and as dumb as I am, I got A* so YAYYY! Btw it only took me 5mins to complete the test #jussayin but then again, nearly everyone completed the test in 5-15mins I just wanted to feel special.



Why yes, My awkwardness has spread!

Today was the day I decided to make a twitter (shudders) As I want my weird introvert/extrovertness to be seen so if you want my blogs in 'tweet-form'

Come say hello!

https://twitter.com/AwkwardTeen000 ;);)


I need to stop,honestly.

I have spent about 6 years on my life on youtube and at first it was just innocent dora the explorer but 6 years later I discovered Dand&Phil,ThatcherJoe,Pointless Blog,Pewdiepie and many many more so now going to the bathroom without a youtube video playing proves very VERY hard for me.

Help me.



Honestly Julie Plec is my soul mate, for these past few days all I can think about is The originals and the vampire diaries <3333

Proof of that is I just spent 42 minutes with a Cheshire cat smile on my face watching caroline and Stefan (I need a life) BUT the originals makes me worse I AM OBSESSED WITH KLAUS AND ELIJAH #SCREAMITFROMTHEROOFTOP I cannot wait till next episode omg!

Yeah.. this is what prevents me from reading books...

Oh well.

Hello World!

Am I doing this right?

Anyways, Hello:) Welcome to my blog!

I would like to disclaim that i'm terrible at expressing my feelings but I hope this appeals to teenagers that aren't....normal I guess?

Trust me, I am ANYTHING but normal, (I've been told on several occasions btw) but I want to relate to absolute anyone that will follow me in my weird/awesome anecdotes and tips to surviving this complicated world (my grammar is semi good so you wont have to suffer)

But join me in making the world a stranger place.

Byeee !