Felt like I needed to make this blogpost because literally ALL WEEK I have been freaking out about a test it took:
3 days revision
Kinaesthetic learning techniques and Support to finally clear my mind but even then I decided to get a potion that I thought would help me be smart (I believe in potions please don't crucify me) it contained Ribena,rosemary,water and mint extract and the only thing it did for me is give me a nauseous feeling so I will never do that again but literally I revised HARDCORE ,I made questions, I used about 800 pages of paper and  I took finger blisters just to remember 6 pages of a textbook.
Just before the test I had to force myself to calm down or else an ambulance would have to be called and when I finally done the test it was the easiest thing EVER, turns out I only need 1 page of revision (you may be asking , what's my point) my point is don't freak out, its easy as long as you have the knowledge to answer questions correctly with the relevant information and as dumb as I am, I got A* so YAYYY! Btw it only took me 5mins to complete the test #jussayin but then again, nearly everyone completed the test in 5-15mins I just wanted to feel special.

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