Oops, too mysterious but by 'its coming' i mean the season finale of the vampire diaries and the originals is coming *insert a million sad faces kfshoarhkrbhfkpsdf*
Which means i and millions of others will spend their entire summer in a dark corner crying.
But that's only if your like me (i hope you strive not to be anything like me, like seriously)

The other day i watched TVD and TO (the originals if you're confused) and here's my reaction:

TVD(Episode 19. Because)- i bet Elena is gonna take the cure omfg and Damon best not, i swear down, DAMON NO! 
pssh we all know Elena was going to take the cure BECAUSE BEING A HUMAN MUST BE SO FUN (as you can see i'm quite angry)
oh yeah and bring back kai, i need him in order for me to function

TO(Episode 19, When the Levee Breaks)-Dahlia is so wicked, 
I LOVE IT, wait,hold up, did they just dagger my baby KLAUS, DO YOU WANT TO DIE ELIJAH, yeah Klaus is out of control but seriously, his face when he got dagger :(((
Btw freya and klaus were acting like total babies this episode! chill out you both wanna kill dahlia so work together BEFORE I PUNCH BOTH OF YOU 
Aiden died :(((((( but like, his heart looked voluptuous, almost, delicious... 

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