No time for hello's today guys because i must warn you.

A dangerous threat is upon us guys and by dangerous threat i mean...


i know, i know, absolutely terrifying but sigh,we need them (apparently)

Sorry for that eerie beginning but i wanted to make sure i had your attention!
Do i have it?

I just looked at my school planner and it said the mighty GCSE exam week commences in a few weeks *crys* My question is why
Why must kids have to be put under this type of pressure ESPECIALLY DURING THE SUMMERTIME
When the hot weather finally
starts to happen (curse you Britain for this confused weather) i want to be outside caressing the pigeons (jokes they terrify me, they look like flying rats) NOT IN AN OLD HALL THAT SMELLS LIKE ARMPIT FINDING THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF A STONE OR WRITING PERSUASIVE LETTERS!

Calm down me,calm down but seriously, forget  the labor party or conservative party
I demand a party that will stop these exams! 
Okay, sure we need them for applications or Cv's blah blah blah but why must they put the torture in a horrifying booklet of questions. ITS LITERAL DEATH
I think teachers should give us the tests and serve it with everything students like.
Personally i like pizza, ice cream and cookie dough, if this were to happen, maybe just maybe i'd be willing to take more tests.

p.s: this is all just a joke , i hope none of you find me extremely ignorant or annoying, but i really do HATE exams

Let me know your opinion on exams&exam week in the comments x


  1. I know, right? Exams terrify me, especially math. I could crawl under my desk and hide if it wouldn't hurt my pride. Ha, ha, ha. Anyway, I have study tips at http://emojicorn.blogspot.com/ if you're ever interested. And don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine. :D

    1. I'm glad someone can relate and I will definitely check out your study tips! Thanks:)!

    2. No problem. Congrats on 600! :)


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