So for today's blog post i decided to humiliate myself by talking to you about why me having an instagram would be AN ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE IDEA . 
But for me to do that i'm going to show you examples of what i would post.
Believe me i would make instagram a living hell if i were on your feed with my boring posts of clouds and food so let me show you:
The first thing i would post would probably be crappy photos of weather (due to my failure of a phone camera)
The second thing i would probably post are pictures of my main love, FOOD! But the pictures i would post would probably be something that looks sexy in real life (to me of course) and absolutely horrid in HD
The last thing i would probably post are memes and "funny" pictures (according to me) Because laughing at pictures beats going outside and becoming a valuable member of society (I'm serious)

But seriously this is THE only type of stuff i would post, eventually you would get bored off me so i might as well not sign up, Instagram is quite not ready for me...yet.
All images were found with my intense searching for the perfect image and Thanks to RJ De La Cruz for the wonderful idea, Check his blog out! : www.chroniclesbyrj.blogspot.com


  1. I like food pictures! And that last picture is SO FUNNY. I'm at school and I'm supposed to be quiet so I'm just kind of dying of laughter by myself.

    1. I'm glad you do! Food is my life! And That picture IS hilarious :)

  2. Ohh thank for doing this though I know you didn't enjoy it. Not everyone can be an expert on Instagram during his/her first try. The whole Instagram idea is pretty addictive, you should try it for once and if you really despise the app then okay stop haha.

    1. It was hard to type up i will admit but in the end i found it a pretty cool blogpost, Thank you again, for the suggestion and maybe in the future you might see me with an instagram :)


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