So, I've been gone a while haven't i? 


Its been like a week, or maybe two i don't know but my laptops been broken and ugggh typing of my tablet was irritating me so i decided to wait...

 Yesterday i was ready to post but my laptop was still acting up so i had to repair it myself which i have so i here i am!

I'm going to try and pre write blog posts so i can save them as drafts and post them at any time but for now i'm back!

Nothing has really happened these past few weeks other than my exams ending so if i were to upload anything, it would probably bore you to death, but i have redownloaded the kim kardashian game, i post about it regularly on twitter-by the way I've changed my twitter up a little so its 10 times more funnier with a little bit of ratchet ( ive posted my twitter name on my blog once) if you want it you'll have to find it because i honestly want to keep my blog life and my twitter account seperate because my twitter is just..odd.

The other day i watched Hotel Transylvania on tv and fell in love (i decided to watch it 2 more times after) so i searched the internet for a possible sequel and THERE IS ONE COMING IN SEPTEMBER! I am honestly so excited, i dont even care if its a cartoon i love it! I watched the trailer about 11 times (no joke) and it looks even better than the first! 

If you want to watch it click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3nqmGgnJe8

Anyways thanks for baring with me if you have,i appreciate it and i am going to start uploading as frequently as i can without it becoming annoying.



Hi guys,

Let me take a quick second to say I SURVIVED MY EXAMS,
Now its over I can finally upload more blog posts but my luck has just been terrible these days,  I've noticed in the two scenarios that have occured over the weekend:
First of all I woke up telling myself I would visit my angelic aunt because she's awesome and what not but then I decided I'd leave it for another day and start OITNB Season 3 (which I'm in love with btw). Later on I saw my aunt at my uncles party which I attended and she said something that broke my heart and nearly made me cry, she said:
"You should have come over today I ordered a huge dominoes pizza with chicken strips!"
I honestly felt like crying I've not had dominoes pizza in so long and my mum never orders it! I'm still full of regret for not going to my aunts (#sadfacetimes1000)

The next thing that proved my bad luck is something that happened on Sunday,  I told myself I would upload a blogpost but procrastination took over and I ended up watching movies but later that day when I was ready to, my laptop started acting funny after I downloaded something I won't disclose because you'll laugh at me, when I finally realised I almost had a seizure.. My beautiful laptop became infected with adware and malware!!(#omgwhyme)
its not getting fixed until Friday so I'm going to have to do everything of my tablet, I'm typing this of my tablet and its incredibly annoying, sorry for the lack of colours and paragraphing btw. My tablet makes it hard to add colours :/.

Anyways now that is of my chest, I guess the moral of the story is Dont...
be me?
Sure lets go with that.



Hey guys, Sorry I'm still not posting frequently, my exams end on Friday (HALLELUJAH) so I will be able to stop studying and finally concentrate on this blog, but for now I have a another tag! This was originally the 25 questions tag but I took some questions out so its not super long so here is the 17 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG 

What is your middle name?: Ashley, I wish I had something more interesting like Renee or Maria
What was favourite subject at school?: I'm still at school lool, its Food tech and History probably
What is your favourite drink?: Aloe Vera Juice by Grace, I drink about 5 a week (totally not an obsession)
What is your favourite song at the moment?: See you again by Wiz Khalifa&Charlie Puth
What is your favourite food?: I honestly don't think I have one, it changes all the time
What is the last thing you bought?: A strawberry maoam block
Favourite book of all time?: I rarely read but I hate myselfie by shane dawson probably or the fault in our stars
Favourite Colour?: Why Teal Of Course
Do you have any pets?: I had fishes once but they died, so I buried them and then they got eaten by a bird (what a lovely story (!) )
Favourite Perfume?: Elie Saab, Ghost & Jimmy Choo
Favourite Holiday?: All my holidays are super boring so ill just say my trip to Alton Towers with my friends
Are you married?: Does being Married to Chris Wood from The Vampire Diaries count?
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Twice I think
Do you speak any other language?: I'm learning Spanish at the moment but failing miserably
How many siblings do you have?: None I'm an only child but I have millions of cousins
What is your favourite shop?: New look, Lush, Miss Selfridge and Harvey Nichols

That's all folks! If you want me to do some more tags, leave a suggestion in the comments below! As well as questions,feedback and other stuff! Byeee!



So BASICALLY about a week ago I promised to make a Q&A if I got questions,


So I shall answer these questions submitted by a very nice girl named Caroline Reinhart (Thanks For The Questions Love!)

Q. What's your favorite ice cream flavor and if you could have an unlimited amount of toppings on it, what would they be? Happy Birthday!

A. First of All, Thanks for the birthday wish! Second of all COOKIE DOUGH OF COURSE its beautiful! Third of all probably whipped cream and dairy milk chocolate and hersheys cookies and cream chocolate (I JUST LOVE CHOCOLATE IM SORRY)

Q. Would you rather have chocolate milk or regular with you cereal?

A. I'm lactose intolerant, I hate milk, well, its complicated, I don't drink milk by itself (Like,raw) BUT I eat whipped cream,cheese and sometimes I use evaporated milk in my hot chocolate as well as other milk products like ice cream
. I don't even care about the side effects (rebel much?) But the thought of drinking pure milk fresh out the bottle grosses me out even though I use evaporated milk, I know I'm weird.. So my answer to your question is SOY MILK.

Thanks for the questions Caroline , I had fun answering them and my promise to you guys is uploading blog posts more consistently, because I suck at it (its mainly because of my exams)
Got any more questions? Leave them in the comments and ill answer them in the comments or in a blog post if I need to x