So BASICALLY about a week ago I promised to make a Q&A if I got questions,


So I shall answer these questions submitted by a very nice girl named Caroline Reinhart (Thanks For The Questions Love!)

Q. What's your favorite ice cream flavor and if you could have an unlimited amount of toppings on it, what would they be? Happy Birthday!

A. First of All, Thanks for the birthday wish! Second of all COOKIE DOUGH OF COURSE its beautiful! Third of all probably whipped cream and dairy milk chocolate and hersheys cookies and cream chocolate (I JUST LOVE CHOCOLATE IM SORRY)

Q. Would you rather have chocolate milk or regular with you cereal?

A. I'm lactose intolerant, I hate milk, well, its complicated, I don't drink milk by itself (Like,raw) BUT I eat whipped cream,cheese and sometimes I use evaporated milk in my hot chocolate as well as other milk products like ice cream
. I don't even care about the side effects (rebel much?) But the thought of drinking pure milk fresh out the bottle grosses me out even though I use evaporated milk, I know I'm weird.. So my answer to your question is SOY MILK.

Thanks for the questions Caroline , I had fun answering them and my promise to you guys is uploading blog posts more consistently, because I suck at it (its mainly because of my exams)
Got any more questions? Leave them in the comments and ill answer them in the comments or in a blog post if I need to x


  1. Thanks for answering! My favorite ice cream is double fudge brownie, but cookie dough's really good, too. And chocolate Oreo ice cream. Yeah, I'm a choco-holic. LOL

    1. You're very welcome! I love oreo ice cream too!


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