I argue with my own conscience.. (+Possible Contests?)

I had another day of arguing about what to talk about and at first I was going to do an orange is the new black quiz but I thought it would be boring so I decided to talk about something that I never thought would be understandable..
However I will try my best to..make sense? ( If there are any doctors on blogger, try diagnosing this)

So.. for as long I can remember I've always known that me and my brain/conscience have never been friends,(Which sounds crazy but as you know, I'm not the most sane person ever) me and my conscience practically argue every day because sometimes she likes to say super wrong things or she annoys me when I'm trying to relax. Maybe its me or maybe I have found a way to haunt myself...with myself
I occasionally get this reaction when I talk about it.

I'd search about it online but everytime I try and diagnose myself it always comes up with something super crazy for example 'Feeling nauseous? You have 15 minutes to live!'
To picture what I'm talking about here is an actual conversation me and my conscience had this morning.
Me: Hmm, what to have for breakfast....Oooh cereal!
*warms milk and pours cereal*
*accidentally drops cereal on the floor in the process*
Conscience: Aren't you going to pick that up?
Me: Nah its only small no one will even notice it.
Conscience: No, you must or the Earth Gods will punish you!
Me: Its just cereal! Seriously!
Conscience: Ever heard of 'Do good and good things will happen to you?' Well you did something bad, Just saying.
Me: Ugh, I'm going to eat my cereal now! Stop being annoying!
Conscience: Ok.Fine.Dont blame me when karma happens..
Me: *Sigh, Picks up cereal*

That's basically my story I wanted to share, Tell me in the comments if you can relate! I'd love to know!

Contests: I was having sniff around the blog communities and I saw people having Oscars but for blogs and contests where bloggers can get nominated and I thought that was so cool so I'm thinking of doing it one day, Obviously not now because I don't have a high enough following quite yet so there wouldn't be many people participating but maybe in the future!
I was thinking when I reach 2000 page views (I have 1800 right now)
Let me know if you think I should do it!
Thanks For Reading! 


My (Odd) Little Bucket List

In my 15 years of life I always opposed creating a bucket list because my life is so unpredictable I probably wouldn't get anything on my list done and I am still fairly young so the fact I already know what I want to do before I perish makes me feel strange but anyways, here's what I managed to think of:

In my lifetime, I want to:

- Travel the world and learn different languages.
- Discover an artefact (I'm open minded, even a prehistoric toothbrush would fulfil me.... and no I'm not joking.)
- Have 4 kids, who produce dozens of grandchildren.
- Get a job that allows me to help people, for example, a psychologist.
- Learn at least 15 recipes.
- Get into the university I desire.
- Get a puppy&a kitten
- Meet Chris Wood from The Vampire Diaries and marry him (Probably may never come true though)
- This may sound strange but I have always wanted my face smushed into a whole cake, not sure why though
- Jump into a swimming pool from a rooftop without breaking my legs or accidently jumping straight into concrete.
- Break the Guinness world record for having the worlds biggest bubble bath.
- Get married at 24 years old to someone who has a fun extroverted personality such as myself.
- Become the next Beyonce.

That's it!, Some dreams are more realistic than the others but hey, you never know.
Sidenote: By the way just in case you haven't noticed, my blog has once again, changed, I prefer it much more as it is now because it feels much more professional but I am still working on some things and for a few days I was struggling with getting my own button onto my blog so I could share it out but it just wasn't working so for now I have decided to scrap the idea and leave it for the future, right now I'm trying to find out how to get the pages tab personalised so they look less.. blogger-ish and more custom.
Soon there will hopefully be a collab with a fellow blogger you may or may not have heard of, so I'm super excited for that to go up soon :-)

I worked quite hard on my new blog layout so let me know what you think of it! And also feel free to tell what you would include on your bucket list!




It is currently 9:34 pm as I am typing this and it is a Friday so if this goes up on a Friday, yay for my resilience.

Any who once again I was stuck on what to talk about (I really need to start planning this stuff) so I decided to do 'A Message To My Younger Self', however I am still pretty young, but as a 15 year old there are a few certain things I would tell my 9 year old self because I think I was roughly 9 years old when I started facebook aka my personal teenpocalypse because it holds most on my regrets that I cringe upon to this day.... So here is the message...

'Dear Idiot,

I know, your 15 year old self becomes pretty brutal with names, 
Anyway my message to you is to first of all, stop eating cake for breakfast because your metabolism may be good now in the a few years, those pounds will return, so eat a vegetable!
Or atleast...dip it in frosting.
This is not the only thing I wanted to say though, I also wanted to say that those photos you thought looked swagtacular  will haunt you in a few years so do NOT post them on facebook and since you asked your dad to join facebook in 2009 because you thought it would be fun, it stops you from removing SAID PHOTOS as doing so will upset him so do your 15 year old self a favour and stick to uploading cringey memes on how much you love your best friends and stockphotos of kittens, Thanks.

Another thing I wanted to express is, those orange boots you wear to school everyday because you think they look cool need to be burnt,
Because as I think of it now, they were the ugliest boots I have ever laid my eyes on and I personally feel ashamed for allowing myself to wear them so please "accidentally" set them on fire, trust me, your doing yourself a favour
The last thing I want to say is something very useful, GET BRACES because you will regret not getting them in the future, honestly right now my teeth suck.

Oh yeah I forgot to say something, this may sound SUPER WEIRD but its important, I remember at 9, you were super boy crazy,trust me, at 9 years old you should have no interest in impressing boys, focus on your handwriting instead because......
it's..the opposite of good, I'm sorry there's no point in sugar coating it'



I had to tell this story.

Basically my human existence means nothing to me anymore because of Kim Kardashian.
Not her personally but THE GAME

Her innocent web game has had the power to take over my life because I choose sleep over this game...


But I cant help it #sadnesstimesamillion*

When I wake up at like 8am, Here's my normal routine:

8am-  "Please be 10am,PLEASE BE 10AM!" *checks phone and realises its 8am*
           "BLOODY HELL"
8:01am-  *contemplates whether to play the Kim Kardashian Game*  

8:07am- *realises sleep is more important and rolls over and goes back to sleep*

8:15am- *rolls back over and grabs phone* "I can sleep tomorrow"

I've been saying that same sentence "I can sleep tomorrow" for a week -.-

Once I even tried to hack the game to get unlimited K stars but in the end I got: no Kstars, A virus on my laptop and grounded.

*sigh* To show you my addiction, I will show you some photos of my new life now :

This is me and Bff at the beach and if you say she isn't my bff I will come for you.

I had a fun day with my homie Kendall

This is when I obviously became too cool for dancing #duh

This is me and Nene on the beach #Killingit

As you can see I'm perfectly happy with my new life so I'm planning on moving to the Kardashian Mansion and becoming my character.



I'm working on a blog post right now but i felt the need to express this, once more:

I have made another email and I am more than ready to collab with some of the other teen bloggers out there :)

Of course it would be ideal that we have a similar sense of humour and what not but for any of you that are looking to collab feel free to contact me : missteenslife@gmail.com

We could do:

  • Tags
  • Quizzes
  • Q&A's
  • Stories
Or other fun stuff!

Don't hesitate, I am extremely open minded.




I was wrestling with myself on whether I should write this but I decided i would.

Shockingly enough I started this blog with expectations, i wanted to connect with people and have a following and be able to wake up with comments to read and reply too.

A blogger named Envy has a blog called 'Picking Up The Pieces Of Life' and i've been on her blog several times and i praise her because her blog has riveting content and the layout is spectacular, She is definitely what i aspire my blog to be one day because of those reasons AND she receives many comments so that enables her to respond and connect. So basically Envy is my blogging idol.

Back to what i was saying, when i look at blogs like Envy's or The Fence Of Stars, it makes me wonder...
How long will it take for me to become as successful as that?

I like to think about it because it reminds me that, the more consistent and persistent I get, it could be good for my future, It could be helpful so i will continue for as long as i can.

(Where am i going with this...)


In the future,
I hope to:
A. Have a good,loyal following
B. Be able to see a good amount of comments ( I have a very social personality SO THIS MEANS A LOT OKAY)
C. Learn to make my blog look much more professional 

If you're reading this, it means i probably pre-read this post about 6 times to make sure it didn't sound rambly. 
By the way i had to start a new gmail account since the one i use for my blog has my name included in it and i have not chosen to reveal it yet.. but i will soon. Anyways,  If YOU want to contact me for any questions about a possible collaboration or anything else, feel free to email me at missteenslife@gmail.com




This is blogpost no.2 that i'm working on. (I'm hoping on working on 3 blogposts in only 24 hours) So for this post i will be answering tag questions that a lovely person named Kate Gold left in the comments of my previous tag questions blogpost (Wow that was a mouthful) 
Now the link she gave me contained 142 questions and since I like my hands, I am not willing to sacrifice killing them trying to answer all 142 questions SO i chose 15 of my favourites and i shall be answering them!

1. How would you describe yourself in three words?
2. When and why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I wanted to share my silly little personality with the world and i wanted to connect with other people, plus i have a boring life and blogging makes my life more interesting.
3. What is your blog mainly about?
Awkward stories,tags etc.
4. Would you change your name?
I'm thinking about it, i might do but not right now.
5. What is the most challenging aspect of blogging for you?
Not procrastinating is definitely the hardest. As many of you can tell, I am trying to become more consistent with my blogging but i am failing.
6. What is your favorite color?
Teal <3333333
7. What is your dream vacation?
Mauritius with Chris wood (He doesn't realise this but I'm dating him)
8. What is your favorite season?
I want to say Swinter because i don't like summer that much because i hate sweating and i have hayfever but i also don't want to say winter because i'm not a fan of the cold so i might just say Autumn
9. What do you do when you are home alone?
I have a giant bubble bath whilst watching The suite life of zack and cody or ill order a huge pizza but now since i'm trying to lose weight ill probably exercise and go jogging in the park.
10. Do you sing in the shower?
I don't sing, I perform. #getwithmyswag
11. What can you hear currently? 
The Wendy Williams Show on my tv
12. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
They both always try and kill me but ill probably say cat person
13. Do you like dark chocolate?
14. Do you like roller coasters? Water rides? 
I love rollercoasters and i love water rides but when i'm wearing jeans and water gets on me, i suffer because my jeans become a gimp.
15. If you were given $1000 what would you do with it?
I WOULD BUY EVERYTHING, But Since i come from the Uk, the $1000 would be £645

 Also Thanks To Kate Gold and Becca is awesome for taking part in the voting Xo
You both helped me out a lot! :)



This is blogpost no.3!
My hand really hurts but whatever, i shall keep going!

This blogpost will be a short story on how i managed to completely humiliate myself infront of my whole school (sigh)

So a few years ago when i was still in Primary school, we all got the opportunity to go on a cool ice skating trip, since i was stupid and delusional i thought ice skating was easy, since i saw professionals do it on tv but i was seriously wrong.

When i got there it was super busy and i feel like my tearducts were frozen shut.

When i finally got some ice skates that fit my huge gruffalo feet, i stood up ready to skate,then immediately fell down.
Yeah.. walking in ice skates on a shaggy mucus coloured carpet would take some practise but hey! Why practice when you can crawl!

When i got onto the ice, everyone was too scared to skate into the middle so we all circled the ice in a unison, clinging on the side for dear life, but me, being extremely dumb decided to be independent and impress all my friends with my imaginary ice skating skills.

So i skated out to the middle and tried to skate but i ended up falling about 6 times.
it hurt.

But this wasn't the bad part, about 40 minutes later everyone started to slowly master the art of ice skating whilst i was ready to give up, until my teacher sent over some hot guy to help me stand up (you heard right, i could barely stand up -.-) 
He held my arms and i tried to balance, but then the rest of my school showed up and just happened to all stand next to where i was taking my 'How to skate for dummies' class. I thought i was finally starting to get the hang of it but suddenly i started to slip and in my head i said "oh bollocks!"
I crashed onto the ground and landed on my tushy, but i was so afraid of hurting myself i clung to the instructor and my hands slid down his body and ended up clinging to his legs.
He looked around nervously, you could tell he was so embarrassed a 12 year old was clinging onto him.. oh cringe

Everyone laughed at me, as expected and i spent the rest of my ice skating trip feeling awkward.

Fabulous, just fabulous.


This is going to be a super quick blogpost but i have saved three blogposts that i plan to upload within the next 5 days but i want you guys to decide which goes up first!

Go to this link: https://plus.google.com/+AwkwardTeen/posts

Check out my latest poll and choose the post you would like to see! :)

If i receive no votes ill upload by random choice however voters will receive a shoutout in the blogpost that receives the most votes!



I said i was going to release a blogpost a week after my previous one,
Its been 2 weeks, oops...

I'm currently working on 3 blogposts right now so by the time you are reading this, there should be 2 extras i have injured my fingers typing, hopefully.

Today's blogpost came from a weird thought i had whilst crying myself to sleep thinking about my GCSE's

In English, students have to constantly learn about classic english novels such as Romeo&Juliet, Macbeth and Great Expectations but.. what if we changed the system *cue mysterious music*

I, being the deranged genius i am, have thought up a plan so creative,so engaging.... it might just blow your knickers off.


Bare with me here, it may sound strange but what if we actually request to change English poetry and book study to writing and creating fanfiction, ITS GENIUS!

Many of our most respected books were created on the idea of fanfiction *cough* fifty shades of grey *cough* (Now that my friends, was a joke, fifty shades of grey is all types of weird) 
So instead of dull questions such as "Explain the context of blah blah blah", Give me a pen, paper and a whole lot of red bull and i will guarantee my Dan and phil smut will get an A*



Hello people of earth!

Currently as I am typing this it is Monday so if its not Monday when I've released this post I was probably working on it for days.

Now normally I don't talk about super serious things because I prefer to angle away from serious topics but for today I decided to talk about my personal struggles since this is a personal styled blog.

As a teenager I obviously have many, many problems and issues, maybe that's a part of growing up or whatever but one struggle I have in particular is a common one: Weight problems.
For a long, long time I've struggled with losing weight, having a slow metabolism etc. I never really realised how fat I was getting until a saw a picture of me on the beach in a bikini and my stomach was droopy and massive and I was in shock. I never realised that eating chips everyday was starting to affect my health and my appearance and it was sad so I immediately looked for ways to lose weight, I downloaded every fitness and food checker app there was. I weighed myself everyday but I kept seeing the same number no matter how hard I was trying. For a 13 year old girl 2 years ago I weighed 168 pounds (12 stone) and I was so disappointed in myself. I blame my metabolism mainly, its extremely slow and I eventually realised that so I researched ways to speed it up and I got the same result every time: Green tea. So I drank about 2 cups every day with no sugar and I began to work out and attempt to drink 8 glasses of water. However my family are quite fond of fatty foods so when I became hungry I broke my diet by eating cookies and sweets. It was really confusing because I felt like there was nothing to help me with my diet and I didn't want to talk about it with my mum because I didn't want to worry her that I had low self esteem and I didn't want her to think I was developing body dysmorphia or an eating disorder so I kept it to myself.

Sometimes when I was with my cousin who has a great body after just having a kid, my family would point out how greedy I was becoming so it gave me motivation to leave crisps and chocolate etc. and start eating more salads and such, the problem was at school I never ate during lunch times so I would become hungry and then when I got home I would literally eat everything to make up for hunger during school and this was stopping my weight loss so I tried to bring healthy sandwiches and stuff, this worked but even now I do having huge sugar cravings from time to time, its like, when I want sugar I'm aware I shouldn't have it but somehow I convince myself that a few bites wont hurt.
I've researched every weight loss pill or diet tea but from what the information says they generally do more harm than good so I'm trying to stick to the natural method, flashforward 2 years ahead I still struggle with my weight and fitting in certain clothes (I'm size 8) I'm not saying looks are everything but for me, I have to look in the mirror about 6 times before I leave and convince myself "I don't look big in this" but I've successfully lost 42 pounds (3 stone) in 2 years but I'm still going, right now I'm not "fat" per say, my bmi does state "healthy weight" but even then I'm not completely satisfied, I have a massive amount of weight on my thighs and my stomach is not yet fully toned but this summer I am planning on working on going jogging and eating healthier because at the moment my 'pizza Saturdays' are not contributing towards further weight loss, my ideal weight would be 8 stone, not to bad if I do say so myself, Only one more stone and a whole lot of squats and starjumps to go!
If you made it to the end of the post, thanks for reading, I know its super serious but i'll upload a more light-hearted blog post in the near future.



Heyo!! I'm back!

After a week of semi-procrastination and writer's block I finally came up with a cool and spunky thing to talk about! (this is an obvious lie I literally just thought of this right now, I'm currently watching come dine with me so obviously this came to mind)

When I watch Come dine with me I always think of what I would make because I love to cook (well I love to eat more but whatever) So for this blogpost I shall attempt to answer!
So the guests of the show have to prepare a starter, a main and a dessert (+drinks) So if I were in the guests position, for £1000 I would make this: (keep in mind I have 0 skill and hate buying ingredients)


Homemade tomato soup (lies it will prolly be from a can) with Garlic bread and cheese
My top tip: Garnish your food with grass, may seem gross but the guests don't need to know ;;) (don't listen to my advice)

Main Course:

Chicken Stir fry with crispy pomme frites topped with sea salt  (aKa ready salted crips)


Summer assorted berry baskets topped with freshly churned strawberry yogurt ( aKa infants strawberry yogurt)


Fresh orange margarita's with ice (aKa Orange capri suns)

I can smell the £1000 already, How do you like my menu? Tell me in the comments how much you would score my fabulous meal!