It is currently 9:34 pm as I am typing this and it is a Friday so if this goes up on a Friday, yay for my resilience.

Any who once again I was stuck on what to talk about (I really need to start planning this stuff) so I decided to do 'A Message To My Younger Self', however I am still pretty young, but as a 15 year old there are a few certain things I would tell my 9 year old self because I think I was roughly 9 years old when I started facebook aka my personal teenpocalypse because it holds most on my regrets that I cringe upon to this day.... So here is the message...

'Dear Idiot,

I know, your 15 year old self becomes pretty brutal with names, 
Anyway my message to you is to first of all, stop eating cake for breakfast because your metabolism may be good now in the a few years, those pounds will return, so eat a vegetable!
Or atleast...dip it in frosting.
This is not the only thing I wanted to say though, I also wanted to say that those photos you thought looked swagtacular  will haunt you in a few years so do NOT post them on facebook and since you asked your dad to join facebook in 2009 because you thought it would be fun, it stops you from removing SAID PHOTOS as doing so will upset him so do your 15 year old self a favour and stick to uploading cringey memes on how much you love your best friends and stockphotos of kittens, Thanks.

Another thing I wanted to express is, those orange boots you wear to school everyday because you think they look cool need to be burnt,
Because as I think of it now, they were the ugliest boots I have ever laid my eyes on and I personally feel ashamed for allowing myself to wear them so please "accidentally" set them on fire, trust me, your doing yourself a favour
The last thing I want to say is something very useful, GET BRACES because you will regret not getting them in the future, honestly right now my teeth suck.

Oh yeah I forgot to say something, this may sound SUPER WEIRD but its important, I remember at 9, you were super boy crazy,trust me, at 9 years old you should have no interest in impressing boys, focus on your handwriting instead because......
it's..the opposite of good, I'm sorry there's no point in sugar coating it'

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