This is blogpost no.3!
My hand really hurts but whatever, i shall keep going!

This blogpost will be a short story on how i managed to completely humiliate myself infront of my whole school (sigh)

So a few years ago when i was still in Primary school, we all got the opportunity to go on a cool ice skating trip, since i was stupid and delusional i thought ice skating was easy, since i saw professionals do it on tv but i was seriously wrong.

When i got there it was super busy and i feel like my tearducts were frozen shut.

When i finally got some ice skates that fit my huge gruffalo feet, i stood up ready to skate,then immediately fell down.
Yeah.. walking in ice skates on a shaggy mucus coloured carpet would take some practise but hey! Why practice when you can crawl!

When i got onto the ice, everyone was too scared to skate into the middle so we all circled the ice in a unison, clinging on the side for dear life, but me, being extremely dumb decided to be independent and impress all my friends with my imaginary ice skating skills.

So i skated out to the middle and tried to skate but i ended up falling about 6 times.
it hurt.

But this wasn't the bad part, about 40 minutes later everyone started to slowly master the art of ice skating whilst i was ready to give up, until my teacher sent over some hot guy to help me stand up (you heard right, i could barely stand up -.-) 
He held my arms and i tried to balance, but then the rest of my school showed up and just happened to all stand next to where i was taking my 'How to skate for dummies' class. I thought i was finally starting to get the hang of it but suddenly i started to slip and in my head i said "oh bollocks!"
I crashed onto the ground and landed on my tushy, but i was so afraid of hurting myself i clung to the instructor and my hands slid down his body and ended up clinging to his legs.
He looked around nervously, you could tell he was so embarrassed a 12 year old was clinging onto him.. oh cringe

Everyone laughed at me, as expected and i spent the rest of my ice skating trip feeling awkward.

Fabulous, just fabulous.

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