I was wrestling with myself on whether I should write this but I decided i would.

Shockingly enough I started this blog with expectations, i wanted to connect with people and have a following and be able to wake up with comments to read and reply too.

A blogger named Envy has a blog called 'Picking Up The Pieces Of Life' and i've been on her blog several times and i praise her because her blog has riveting content and the layout is spectacular, She is definitely what i aspire my blog to be one day because of those reasons AND she receives many comments so that enables her to respond and connect. So basically Envy is my blogging idol.

Back to what i was saying, when i look at blogs like Envy's or The Fence Of Stars, it makes me wonder...
How long will it take for me to become as successful as that?

I like to think about it because it reminds me that, the more consistent and persistent I get, it could be good for my future, It could be helpful so i will continue for as long as i can.

(Where am i going with this...)


In the future,
I hope to:
A. Have a good,loyal following
B. Be able to see a good amount of comments ( I have a very social personality SO THIS MEANS A LOT OKAY)
C. Learn to make my blog look much more professional 

If you're reading this, it means i probably pre-read this post about 6 times to make sure it didn't sound rambly. 
By the way i had to start a new gmail account since the one i use for my blog has my name included in it and i have not chosen to reveal it yet.. but i will soon. Anyways,  If YOU want to contact me for any questions about a possible collaboration or anything else, feel free to email me at missteenslife@gmail.com


  1. I can literally relate so much! Writing is all I want to do once I'm older and this is a great starting point! xxx

  2. I can literally relate so much! Writing is all I want to do once I'm older and this is a great starting point! xxx

  3. Envy definitely is a great blogger- I'm glad to call her my friend.
    I think it's a great idea to adopt a blogger as your ideal/role model.
    If you asked me who my role model was, I think it would be Angela from Paper Love story (http://www.paperlovestory.com/)

    1. Envy sure sounds like a great person I admire her writing and yours too!
      I've never checked out paper love story but I sure will now

  4. This post still makes me blush ^-^
    If you ever wanna do an interview or something like a collab, I'll be right here. Thank you so much for all your kind words! :)

    1. I'd be thrilled to do an interview!
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post (:


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