My Thoughts On Going Back To School

So I was inspired by a girl named Izzy to talk about my thoughts on going back to school and I thought it was a great idea!

I personally have an extremely strong opinion on school so when I talk about it I speak with 0 filter.
I hate school with a fiery passion. (See, I do not sugar coat my hatred)
I hate the teachers.
I hate the homework.
I hate the learning.
And I sure as hell hate the horrendous uniform.

Seeing my friends is the only thing that convinces me to get up at 6:45 every morning and attend.
..Well that and the occasional bake sales..

Luckily enough I live in the Uk so I don't start school till September the 4th (On a Thursday)

But I have so many assignments I haven't completed yet.
I even have a Food Technology assignment where I have to bake 5 things and take a picture of them and send them to my teacher.
Yeah.. like that's happening I'll probably just steal some from a cooking website.

..Wow I'm just the perfect role model.
Anyways another thing I think I have to express is the amount of times I say this during my holidays:
"When school starts I'm going to change how I.."

I try to always make my personality more appealing for my fellow peers by making a small change for the better (like a school resolution) but this ALWAYS fails because I forget after about 2 days.

Here are things I've "promised" to do:
-Be positive (This would have never worked because there is no way I can be positive in school)
-Eat healthily (NOPE)
-Change my hairstyle (I kind of succeeded with this one, thank god)
-Stop cursing (I swear way more than I should, not on here though)
-Be less strange (my former crush wont let it go that I searched his house on google maps..)
-Shave (because I grow hair in odd places.
Like my fingers..)

Another thing I feel I must rant about is how much most of the teachers hate me.
Its not for a bad reason its because I have a super sarcastic personality
(and rude personality but whatever)
I blame them for not understanding me.
I go to bed at like 11pm (Youtubes fault) and I have to wake up at 6:45am so the fact they expect me to come in with an attitude like this:
 is disrespectful.

To be quite honest, I feel more like this:
Jheez this post is probably super ranty for you guys but honestly I am just not a fan of school and I am glad I got this of my chest.

I'm going into Year (/Grade) 11 this year so this is a pretty big deal for me and it terrifies me because I have a fear of failure (and pigeons but that's besides the point).
Let me know your thoughts on school in the comments!
And thank you to Izzy for giving me the idea to talk about school!
She made a super accurate representation on back to school with gifs!
Check it out here:


Finish The Lyric w/ Sblg

So the other day I was emailed by a lovely girl named Sblg about possibly collabing and as a lover of meeting other bloggers, I had to accept!

She introduced me to a game called finish the lyric and at first I was super confused on what it was but after she sent me a link to a game of finish the lyric, I knew I had to play it!

If you would like to play, feel free to:

Now I personally love Disney because it produced Hannah Montana (aka forever my favourite tv show) but the quiz is based on Disney movies which I suck at because I haven't watched them all and I have a rubbish memory however I'm going to attempt to answer 5 of the questions, there are 15 questions but this blog post would be the longest thing ever if I did all 15 so I'll try 5.
I'llcolour the ones I got right in green and the ones I got wrong in red.

1. (Pocahontas)

“I feel it there beyond those trees, or right behind these waterfalls, can I ignore that sound of distant _______?”


I'm going to go with drumming since it sounds like it makes sense.
I guess drumming would be hard to ignore.

2. (Snow White)

“Make a wish _____ _____ _____, that’s all you have to do, and if you hear it echoing, your wish will soon come true.”

-Inside your heart
-Inside your mind
-Into the well
-Into the cave

At first I thought "Into the well" sounded weird but it sounds like it makes sense since wells echo but just in case I'll go with "Inside your heart" since Disney loves super cringey lyrics

3. (Sleeping Beauty)
(crap I never watched Sleeping Beauty..)

“Yet I know it's true that visions are seldom ___ ___ ___, but if I know you, I know what you'll do, you'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream.”

-In a dream
-What you mean
-All you dream
-All they seem

Erm... I guess In a dream?

4. (Beauty and the Beast)

“It's my favorite part because you'll see, here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover ______ _____ ______ 'til chapter three!”

-That's its him
-That he's rich
-She's in love
-He loves her

So the first two don't sound quite right and my gut is telling me to go with the third option so I shall.

5. (The Little Mermaid)

“I've got _____ ____ _____ a plenty, I've got whozits and whatzits galore.”

-Thingamabobs and widgets
-Gazmos and gidgets
-Gadgets and gizmos
Goodads and knicknacks

....All I can do is guess for this one I'm literally clueless.


So I got 3 right, even though I guessed this completely, Its not that bad so yay for me but since I was a person that grew up watching Disney movies I should've aced this so I'm going to ground myself for a few weeks.
I'm going to try and post more often since I've kind of been on a break so in a few days I will post a funny story or whatever I think of.

If you would like to check out Sblg's blog you can here:

She's new to the blogging world so go and say hi!
She gave the link to the quiz and she will also be doing it too!


My Advice For Beginner Bloggers

The other day I realised I haven't really posted anything for about a week or two so at first I was going to talk about me becoming more of an ambivert than an extrovert but I read it over and decided it was boring so I decided to talk about advice.

Now although I think my advice is rubbish, my friends think its good when they ask for it so hopefully what I have to say wont be to bad.

I get asked quite a lot for advice/tips by people that have just started blogs and although I'm not some super popular award winning blogger but I decided to give it a try because you never know, it might actually help someone.

So I looked for the most popular questions asked by new bloggers and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities.

How To Get More Blog Traffic: Google+ is your friend, take advantage of it by joining teenage blog communities as well as guest post on other blogs and make friends with other bloggers. It helps get your blog recognised a little more, plus who said joining a community is bad?

How To Make Your Blog Look Professional: This is a question I had to search everyday because I know appearance is a key thing to getting blog followers so if your blog looks good and has good content, you're guaranteed so at least spark someone's interest. I don't think my blog looks 100% professional just yet however I am still working on it, for me I removed all the blogger features such as the main text background and grey border.
I also took some add ons from places such as ShabbyBlogs.
They specialise in customized blog features such as backgrounds, buttons and post titles etc.

How To Find Your Blogging Topic: More or less, most blogs have a specific topic they blog about such as cooking, beauty, anecdotes, travel or what not, I don't really have a specific topic nor do I want to because I don't really want to limit myself but for people that want to find their topic I suggest blogging about something your're interested in but make sure its something you're really interested in because you don't want to have to keep talking about something you only have a mild interest in because I think it'd get boring after a while. If you can't think of anything in particular, think of what you want to represented for such as advice, humour or helping teenagers.

How To Stay On Task With Your Blog Posts: This is something I probably have no experience in talking about because I'm currently procrastinating doing holiday homework but with my blog (something that actually matters to me) I made a diary primarily for my blog ideas so whenever I don't know what I talk about I check my diary. However most of my ideas are spontaneous these days as I usually come up with them on the spot.
For others I say, don't be afraid to look around other blogs and learn new ideas as well as research ideas.

That's it!
That's my advice!
Let me know In the comments if you have any other questions.


A Guest Post

What To Expect When Your Sharpie Mugs Bake
Hi everyone!

Its Kate from majesticgoldenrose. I blog about humor, faith, DIY's, writing, I review books and music, etc. :)

I'm totally excited for this guest post and really happy for the opportunity to post here.

Last winter I posted two posts about sharpie mugs on my blog. The first one (here) introduced what to do and the second (linked here) talked about what happened to my mugs.

Something that I was really surprised by was how much the mugs changed colors. Therefore when I was asked to do a post, I decided to create another mug and share what you should expect if you try the pin yourself. 

^^^ Above you can see a bit of how the colors changed. ^^^

The "Before" images show much bolder colors and vivid colors. The navy blue entirely turned gray, the light green turned a bit more darker green/gray, the darker green turned a bit blue, and the yellow looks peach now .

The black, fuchsia, and red are colors that stayed pretty much the same after being baked in the oven.

(If you want more info on how I baked them, check out the links above where I share what to do!)

Something else that I did with these was to create dots. Its optional of course and I havent ever seen it before, it just seemed like something fun to try.... I wasnt sure how it would turn out but I think I like it :)

After I washed the mugs, I put a dots of tacky glue on the mug and let them dry overnight. Then I sharpied over everything and pealed off the glue carefully. This left the dots where the glue dots had been. 
Finally in this image I go thru clockwise through a bunch of pictures according to where the handle was in the image.

Theyre not all uniformly lighted and such but I think its a cool collage. What do you think?

Would you try out Sharpie Mugs? What would create or write?


Would You Rather..? (Part 2) w/ Eve Patchett


Welcome to another round of would you rather!

But this time Eve from the blog Pen&Key is involved!

By the way, yes I am aware I've done a would you rather before but why pass up the opportunity to collaborate with fellow blogger?

So myself and Eve have both come up with 5 questions and I'll answer my 5 and her 5 on my blog and she will answer her 5 and my 5 on her blog
Make sense?
I certainly hope it does..
So my questions will be the colour Red and her questions will be the colour Blue
Lets Begin!

Would you rather..:
Stay in school for the next 30 years or leave school after the 2nd grade?- Oh god, I don't even like being in school now so I would happily leave after the second grade, just give me a load of text books and I will (attempt to) teach myself.

Spend a week without WiFi, or a week without blogging? (that means no reading other blogs or writing for your own)- Well as the mother of my own blog I'd have a hard time not blogging because I forget ideas quickly so I'd probably chose a week without WiFi because I guess if I don't have WiFi I can't blog anyway.

Live in a world with no problems or live in a world where you rule?- ...I can barely take care of myself so if I lived in a world where It would be my job to rule others....I'd feel sorry for all of you so I'd choose to live in a world with no problems.
However, If I was the ruler I would make National Cake Binging day a thing.
This could be you...This could be everyone.

Be trapped in the last book you read, or trapped in the last tv series you watched? (for interest, what were they?)- The last full tv series I watched was Orange Is The New Black and the last book I read was I Hate Myselfie (which was like, 3 months ago, I rarely read these days) 
Shockingly enough I'd rather be trapped with the prisoners in Orange Is The New Black but only because they are all so interesting!

Be three feet shorter or three feet taller- I love being taller than other people, I crave the power I have over them (and no,I am definitely not crazy for saying that) so I'd choose to be three feet taller.

Drive a motorbike or a car?- Car, of course, being on a motorbike scares me.

Have hiccups for the rest of your life or have an itch you cant reach for the rest of your life?- I hate myself for coming up with this question.
 I guess since having hiccups continuously would probably drive me to stab my own throat, by default I'd choose the itch.

Only listen to songs that were popular ten years ago, or fifty years ago?- I love the songs from 10 years ago! Sometimes more than the songs we have now. They just speak to my soul.
So yeah, I'd choose the ones from 10 years ago.

Would you rather lose half your hair or lose half your hearing?- Half my hair because I've always wanted to try this: 
But.. lets be honest, I'd probably end up looking like this..

Spend the rest of your life living in small towns or big cities? (you can still move, just not from one to the other)- I already live in a pretty big city (Manchester) and I love it so I'd choose to live in big cities.

That's all the questions!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Want to check out Eve's answers and blog?
Click here: http://penandkey.blogspot.co.uk/


Reacting To The Vampire Diaries Characters (+Buttons)

I got this idea a few days ago but I wasn't sure whether to proceed with the idea because I had no idea what to call it.

Let me explain.

Basically I haven't made a blogpost about the Vampire Diaries in a long,long time and I, along with other Vampire Diaries fans are waiting for Season 7 to start.
However, The Vampire Diaries does not start until October..

So for most of my holiday I have been crying, non stop..
Anyway back to my point, I thought it would be pretty funny to share my honest opinion on the TVD characters, not sure why, It was either a post about this or my Phan (Dan&Phil) obsession which I may or may not talk about in the future, depending on whether it gets requested

Here are the characters (I'm choosing to talk about the season 6 characters as well as The Originals cast):

Elena Gilbert- Meh, always found her just a tad bit annoying so her leaving doesn't really bother me, although I feel sorry for Damon now.
Stefan Salvatore- Stefan is an Angel
Damon Salvatore- I love Damon and his sense of humour, I feel sorry for him now Elena is slumbering but I'm happy he's super single now (Is that mean?)
Caroline Forbes- No humanity Caroline was better, just saying
Kai Parker- OMG I LOVE HIM HE NEEDS TO MARRY ME, *clears throat* If you aren't aware, I have an extreme obsession with Chris Wood (Kai), at one point I had a fortnight long depression where I wouldn't leave my room and I actually cried because I knew I would never meet/marry him but I'm past it now, sort of.
Bonnie Bennett- She trapped Kai in a prison world, she is not yet forgiven and I know he was super psycho and a sociopath but psshhh- isnt...everyone?
Alaric Saltzman- Aw, I'm sympathise with him, his wife and twins died plus his previous girlfriends died, Poor dude 
Matt Honeycutt- ...
Jeremy Gilbert- Adorable
Lor(Enzo)- His accent gives me life <3
 But his association with Lily Salvatore is irritating because she is...irritating.
Tyler Lockwood- Bad doggy
Klaus Mikaelson- He's beautiful but his morals are a little twisted.
Elijah Mikaelson- Classy...and hot.
Rebekah Mikaelson- I love her sass, I feel sad she's not in her normal body (since Claire Holt is on another show) but I like the new character that plays her (Maisie Richardson-Sellars) so I'm glad she's going to be in Season 3 of The Originals.
Oh, just heard she's leaving the Originals...

Freya Mikaelson- She's mega powerful and she's a mikaelson which makes her even better, plus she's been cast as a main character for season 3
Update: As you may or may not know, I finally got my button working! 
So I have been on a long quest of sharing it with others and grabbing other bloggers buttons.
If you would like to swap buttons then you can either email me (missteenslife@gmail.com) or leave a comment on the 'Buttons' page telling me you've grabbed my button and I'll have yours up as soon as possible. 
By the way, Friday is the day the collab goes up which I'm excited for!
I also got 2000 page views so thanks a bunch guys!


Would You Rather..?

I started a blogging schedule and I intend to stick to it so if this post was posted on Sunday I have succeeded!

Any who I had plan on playing a game of would you rather a long time ago but I never got round to it but now I finally have!
So I searched the web for the most hardest would you rather questions and I will attempt to answer them as truthfully as possible but I will warn you, most of them are...strange..

Q: Would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made from sandpaper?
A: Definitely eye drops made of vinegar because... ouch.
Q: Would you rather have to sneeze but not be able to or have something stuck in your eye for an entire year?
A: Both sound equally infuriating but I'd become tempted to take my own eye out if there was something stuck in there for a year so I'll go with the sneeze option
Q: Would you rather never be able to speak again or always have to say everything that is on your mind?
A: I talk way to much so if I was never able to talk again I'd cry so I guess I'm going to have to say everything on my mind, despite how rude or embarrassing it is!
Q: Would you rather have hair nowhere on your body or be very hairy all over and not be able to shave?
A: I hate the amount of hair on my body any ways because my leg hair is razor sharp, so If there was no hair on my body including my head I can just wear a wig.
Q: Would you rather have cheetos fingers for the rest of your life or have a popcorn kernel stuck at the back of your throat for the rest of your life?
A: Holy cow this is hard because I hate cheesy powder on my fingers but I also hate kernels stuck in my mouth! I guess I would probably go with the cheesy fingers because I got a kernel stuck in my tooth once and it was stuck for about a week, NOTHING COULD MOVIE IT, until it finally became dislodged, worst week of my life..
Q: Would you rather always smell like poop and not know it or constantly smell poop that no one else can smell?
A: I would much rather smell poop that no one else could smell but I guess I'd have to air freshen my surroundings 24/7
Q: Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or sticky for the rest of your life?
A: Gross... however I know what its like to be itchy all the time because I have eczema but I'd take being sticky over being itchy all the time.
Q: Would you rather have the head the size of a tennis ball or head the size of a watermelon?
A: Tennis ball please! I have a feeling a watermelon head would cause me to fall all the time.

I had fun answering these questions! So I tag fellow bloggers to do this to! 
See you soon!