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What To Expect When Your Sharpie Mugs Bake
Hi everyone!

Its Kate from majesticgoldenrose. I blog about humor, faith, DIY's, writing, I review books and music, etc. :)

I'm totally excited for this guest post and really happy for the opportunity to post here.

Last winter I posted two posts about sharpie mugs on my blog. The first one (here) introduced what to do and the second (linked here) talked about what happened to my mugs.

Something that I was really surprised by was how much the mugs changed colors. Therefore when I was asked to do a post, I decided to create another mug and share what you should expect if you try the pin yourself. 

^^^ Above you can see a bit of how the colors changed. ^^^

The "Before" images show much bolder colors and vivid colors. The navy blue entirely turned gray, the light green turned a bit more darker green/gray, the darker green turned a bit blue, and the yellow looks peach now .

The black, fuchsia, and red are colors that stayed pretty much the same after being baked in the oven.

(If you want more info on how I baked them, check out the links above where I share what to do!)

Something else that I did with these was to create dots. Its optional of course and I havent ever seen it before, it just seemed like something fun to try.... I wasnt sure how it would turn out but I think I like it :)

After I washed the mugs, I put a dots of tacky glue on the mug and let them dry overnight. Then I sharpied over everything and pealed off the glue carefully. This left the dots where the glue dots had been. 
Finally in this image I go thru clockwise through a bunch of pictures according to where the handle was in the image.

Theyre not all uniformly lighted and such but I think its a cool collage. What do you think?

Would you try out Sharpie Mugs? What would create or write?

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