My Thoughts On Going Back To School

So I was inspired by a girl named Izzy to talk about my thoughts on going back to school and I thought it was a great idea!

I personally have an extremely strong opinion on school so when I talk about it I speak with 0 filter.
I hate school with a fiery passion. (See, I do not sugar coat my hatred)
I hate the teachers.
I hate the homework.
I hate the learning.
And I sure as hell hate the horrendous uniform.

Seeing my friends is the only thing that convinces me to get up at 6:45 every morning and attend.
..Well that and the occasional bake sales..

Luckily enough I live in the Uk so I don't start school till September the 4th (On a Thursday)

But I have so many assignments I haven't completed yet.
I even have a Food Technology assignment where I have to bake 5 things and take a picture of them and send them to my teacher.
Yeah.. like that's happening I'll probably just steal some from a cooking website.

..Wow I'm just the perfect role model.
Anyways another thing I think I have to express is the amount of times I say this during my holidays:
"When school starts I'm going to change how I.."

I try to always make my personality more appealing for my fellow peers by making a small change for the better (like a school resolution) but this ALWAYS fails because I forget after about 2 days.

Here are things I've "promised" to do:
-Be positive (This would have never worked because there is no way I can be positive in school)
-Eat healthily (NOPE)
-Change my hairstyle (I kind of succeeded with this one, thank god)
-Stop cursing (I swear way more than I should, not on here though)
-Be less strange (my former crush wont let it go that I searched his house on google maps..)
-Shave (because I grow hair in odd places.
Like my fingers..)

Another thing I feel I must rant about is how much most of the teachers hate me.
Its not for a bad reason its because I have a super sarcastic personality
(and rude personality but whatever)
I blame them for not understanding me.
I go to bed at like 11pm (Youtubes fault) and I have to wake up at 6:45am so the fact they expect me to come in with an attitude like this:
 is disrespectful.

To be quite honest, I feel more like this:
Jheez this post is probably super ranty for you guys but honestly I am just not a fan of school and I am glad I got this of my chest.

I'm going into Year (/Grade) 11 this year so this is a pretty big deal for me and it terrifies me because I have a fear of failure (and pigeons but that's besides the point).
Let me know your thoughts on school in the comments!
And thank you to Izzy for giving me the idea to talk about school!
She made a super accurate representation on back to school with gifs!
Check it out here:


  1. Wow! Totally opposite! I LOVE school, but I can't go right now because I just had brain surgery and even though I think I can go, they think I need to stay home and recover (Okay, so a drill went through my brain. It was two weeks ago, it's time to get over it and move on, right?). But I think it's nice that they care enough about me to make sure that I'm totally ready before I go back. <3
    Anyway, at least you're honest about it and own up to it. Most people don't do that much. :) I'm in 11th grade, too, so I'm mortified. Maybe we can spend some days chatting back and forth crying over how scared we are. Sorry, I'm ranting, but I honestly LOVED this post and how relate-able it was. Hope this year is better than the previous. At my school, junior year is the one with the best teachers, so maybe you'll luck out. I'll be praying for the both of us, since we're probably gonna need a lot of it! XOXO

    1. You have the school spirit I wish I had!
      I'm glad you enjoyed the post and I agree, we both need to pray, asap!
      Thanks for the support Caroline and have a good recovery :)

    2. Thanks, I will! I'm pretty much recovered, but I think there's a protocol that they have to follow. It's fine with me because now I have more cuddle time with my kitty! =D

    3. Thats good to hear and I'm totally jealous (I've always wanted a cat)

    4. Yeah, he's great to have. Maybe if you find ways to make money and talk to your parents, they'd let you get one. If not, they can't tell you what to do when you're 18! =)

  2. Oh, and for the cooking assignment, let me help you:
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Chocolate pudding (Make the instant kind from Jell-o and put it in a cute container. Then add sprinkles!)
    Ice cream cone cupcakes (This sounds hard, but Google it. It takes five seconds and looks adorable)
    Baked Apples (Apples, butter, cinnamon, oven. Easy peesy)
    Juice (As in real juice. Google will help with specifics, but I think it's pretty much just water, fruit, and sugar).
    Take pics, send, and if you don't like it, sell or donate it. And if these don't work, let me know. I'm here for ya, girly! <3

    1. Omg thank you so much, i will really look into making some of these so i feel like I've atleast done some homework plus I'm lucky enough to have most of the ingredients needed at home.
      Thank you for curing my laziness! :P

    2. That's what I'm here for! LOL :P

  3. The thing I hated most about school (apart from PE, going back after holidays, and Mondays) is the people, and they way girls always seem to look down on you.. I hate social cliques, because most of my old friends changed to be part of the popular one... But I've just finished year 11 now, so I start college soon... My advice would be just chill out about the exams, you won't fail if you put the work in now :) Good luck with starting back at school, though!! :)

    1. I can honestly relate so much, the one thing that makes my school such a bad experience is the people, most of the girls at my school act way more superior than they are and the boys just love entertaining rumours. Its stupid to be honest but hey, what can I do?
      I'm happy for you finishing year 11! Good luck on starting college and thanks for the exam advice, I really needed to hear that :)

  4. You lucky thing, to have school in September! Mine started in the end of July!
    I like school because it challenges me (the learning and tests bit) but yeah, I agree with Dottie; school society is kind of hard to deal with :\ I just stay in a corner and live my life in peace lol.

    1. Wow, you started early!
      I am fascinated by your point, I have never met anyone that truly likes being challenged by school, maybe deep down everyone must enjoy it, at least a little bit :)
      I also applaud you for trying to find solace with such harsh school society.

  5. I'm shocked by how many people have issues with their school society stuff. In my school, it's not daisies and roses, but overall if you don't like people than you don't talk to them and just hang out with the people you do. I guess it's a little different for me, though, because I don't exactly have a clique. I hang out with a whole bunch of stereotypes and grade levels (Most of my friends are seniors this year. I think I'm gonna have a really hard time in May), so I'm pretty much blind to it. Plus, because I had a brain tumor, people in general are really nice to me. Even the "bad" kids like me. I'm perfect, though, so it's impossible not to like me. :P


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