Reacting To The Vampire Diaries Characters (+Buttons)

I got this idea a few days ago but I wasn't sure whether to proceed with the idea because I had no idea what to call it.

Let me explain.

Basically I haven't made a blogpost about the Vampire Diaries in a long,long time and I, along with other Vampire Diaries fans are waiting for Season 7 to start.
However, The Vampire Diaries does not start until October..

So for most of my holiday I have been crying, non stop..
Anyway back to my point, I thought it would be pretty funny to share my honest opinion on the TVD characters, not sure why, It was either a post about this or my Phan (Dan&Phil) obsession which I may or may not talk about in the future, depending on whether it gets requested

Here are the characters (I'm choosing to talk about the season 6 characters as well as The Originals cast):

Elena Gilbert- Meh, always found her just a tad bit annoying so her leaving doesn't really bother me, although I feel sorry for Damon now.
Stefan Salvatore- Stefan is an Angel
Damon Salvatore- I love Damon and his sense of humour, I feel sorry for him now Elena is slumbering but I'm happy he's super single now (Is that mean?)
Caroline Forbes- No humanity Caroline was better, just saying
Kai Parker- OMG I LOVE HIM HE NEEDS TO MARRY ME, *clears throat* If you aren't aware, I have an extreme obsession with Chris Wood (Kai), at one point I had a fortnight long depression where I wouldn't leave my room and I actually cried because I knew I would never meet/marry him but I'm past it now, sort of.
Bonnie Bennett- She trapped Kai in a prison world, she is not yet forgiven and I know he was super psycho and a sociopath but psshhh- isnt...everyone?
Alaric Saltzman- Aw, I'm sympathise with him, his wife and twins died plus his previous girlfriends died, Poor dude 
Matt Honeycutt- ...
Jeremy Gilbert- Adorable
Lor(Enzo)- His accent gives me life <3
 But his association with Lily Salvatore is irritating because she is...irritating.
Tyler Lockwood- Bad doggy
Klaus Mikaelson- He's beautiful but his morals are a little twisted.
Elijah Mikaelson- Classy...and hot.
Rebekah Mikaelson- I love her sass, I feel sad she's not in her normal body (since Claire Holt is on another show) but I like the new character that plays her (Maisie Richardson-Sellars) so I'm glad she's going to be in Season 3 of The Originals.
Oh, just heard she's leaving the Originals...

Freya Mikaelson- She's mega powerful and she's a mikaelson which makes her even better, plus she's been cast as a main character for season 3
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