Would You Rather..? (Part 2) w/ Eve Patchett


Welcome to another round of would you rather!

But this time Eve from the blog Pen&Key is involved!

By the way, yes I am aware I've done a would you rather before but why pass up the opportunity to collaborate with fellow blogger?

So myself and Eve have both come up with 5 questions and I'll answer my 5 and her 5 on my blog and she will answer her 5 and my 5 on her blog
Make sense?
I certainly hope it does..
So my questions will be the colour Red and her questions will be the colour Blue
Lets Begin!

Would you rather..:
Stay in school for the next 30 years or leave school after the 2nd grade?- Oh god, I don't even like being in school now so I would happily leave after the second grade, just give me a load of text books and I will (attempt to) teach myself.

Spend a week without WiFi, or a week without blogging? (that means no reading other blogs or writing for your own)- Well as the mother of my own blog I'd have a hard time not blogging because I forget ideas quickly so I'd probably chose a week without WiFi because I guess if I don't have WiFi I can't blog anyway.

Live in a world with no problems or live in a world where you rule?- ...I can barely take care of myself so if I lived in a world where It would be my job to rule others....I'd feel sorry for all of you so I'd choose to live in a world with no problems.
However, If I was the ruler I would make National Cake Binging day a thing.
This could be you...This could be everyone.

Be trapped in the last book you read, or trapped in the last tv series you watched? (for interest, what were they?)- The last full tv series I watched was Orange Is The New Black and the last book I read was I Hate Myselfie (which was like, 3 months ago, I rarely read these days) 
Shockingly enough I'd rather be trapped with the prisoners in Orange Is The New Black but only because they are all so interesting!

Be three feet shorter or three feet taller- I love being taller than other people, I crave the power I have over them (and no,I am definitely not crazy for saying that) so I'd choose to be three feet taller.

Drive a motorbike or a car?- Car, of course, being on a motorbike scares me.

Have hiccups for the rest of your life or have an itch you cant reach for the rest of your life?- I hate myself for coming up with this question.
 I guess since having hiccups continuously would probably drive me to stab my own throat, by default I'd choose the itch.

Only listen to songs that were popular ten years ago, or fifty years ago?- I love the songs from 10 years ago! Sometimes more than the songs we have now. They just speak to my soul.
So yeah, I'd choose the ones from 10 years ago.

Would you rather lose half your hair or lose half your hearing?- Half my hair because I've always wanted to try this: 
But.. lets be honest, I'd probably end up looking like this..

Spend the rest of your life living in small towns or big cities? (you can still move, just not from one to the other)- I already live in a pretty big city (Manchester) and I love it so I'd choose to live in big cities.

That's all the questions!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Want to check out Eve's answers and blog?
Click here: http://penandkey.blogspot.co.uk/


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