So My Prom Is Next Year...

So recently I done a collab with Caroline Reinhart and we both talked about Prom, you can check out my post here:

The thing is, I happily made that post knowing I would not have prom for at least another 2 years.

Yeah.. my prom is in 8 months.


You may be wondering, prom is fun, what's bad about that?
Back in primary school it would've been fun but not now, definitely not.
I'm not sure why I feel this way but I just really don't want a prom, the stress of trying to look good with probably land me in hospital and my school severely lacks the 'Troy And Gabriella Romance' it so desperately needs.

I mean seriously there's more romance between me and my phone than there is in the school, and that's saying something.
I'm probably just going to buy a cheap dress from Primark, literally no one cares what you look like and I refuse to spent over £100 on a dress for 1 day.
I'm not even sure I want to go, I'd much rather go to mcdonalds (no joke)
I've been to a prom before and it wasn't 'magical' or anything, I just sat in the corner next to the rusty gym equipment with the 'cool cats' and although I did dance with a load of people (in painful kitten heels) there was only one person I really wanted to dance with and when he finally told my friend he wanted to dance with me (because face it, no one in my school could ask something upfront) what happens?

Literally I'm not even making this up, I wish I was.
The minute my crush wants to dance with me, the prom finishes..

Oops I just spoiled part 2 of my post I left on Caroline's blog..
Oh well..

Maybe that's why I don't want prom, maybe that lingering bad memory I have of prom has permanently scarred my future prom experiences..
....The realization seeps in....
Think I just fell down a worm hole of my own thoughts..again.

Here's the part where I reflect on what my actual point is with this post.

Erm.. I'll add a moral.
I guess the moral is: If you ever have a prom and there's that one person you want to dance with but your both to afraid to say anything (or if there's just someone you want to dance with in general)
(Imagine me pointing at you)
Grab them and drag them onto the dance floor.

Maybe not as violent as this..
Who cares about the conversation they're probably in?

Oh how, I wish I was that assertive..
But seriously, even though I probably wont be going to my prom, enjoy yours.
If I do decide to go, I'll be sure to look..
mildly awesome?


What Am I Like In Real Life?

(I'm currently typing this on a Wednesday and I have no idea what day I'm planning to upload this but you'll know what day I chose, obviously)

So the other day I reached 3000 page views (WOO!) and it got me thinking..

Will I ever reveal my name?

As you guys know my identity is anonymous but I don't intend for it to be anonymous forever because I'm an extremely open person.

So for today, I thought it'd be fun to just reveal a few small facts about myself .
(I've wanted to do this post for weeks now but I've always convinced myself out of it, literally the amount of times I've started this post and then deleted this is amazing)

What I'm going to do is post some simple questions and answer them,
Hope you enjoy!

What colour is your hair?
My hair is black&brown (I didn't get brown highlights, its just oddly changing colour)
What colour are your eyes?
Like dark brown-ish
Is your hair long or short?
Its medium length, I'm trying to grow it out
What phone do you have?
Am I as awkward as I perceive myself to be?
Yes. 100% yes, the other day at school I had a huge packet of Nerds (they are teeny-tiny sweets for anyone that doesn't know what they are) and what did I do?
Spill them
in front of everyone and the week before that, when everyone was listening to my form tutor lecture, I decided to subtly fix my skirt and what do I do? Fall of my chair and have everyone laugh at me.
What is my life..
What colour is my skin?
Light brown.
What is my ethnicity?
Half british, half jamaican
Am I outgoing?
I'm an ambivert so whilst I do enjoy going out, I also need time to myself, I also prefer spending time with my family than I do my friends, I sound like a suckish friend but I wont lie, I love my family, with them its like a 24/7 comedy club.
Do your friends know about your blog?
They know it exists but I never tell them the name of it.
Some things I prefer to keep private.
They can see where I'm coming from anyway, they have blogs of their own but on Tumblr.

As for my name, I decided that when I reach 5000 page views I will reveal my name.
I promise.

And that's all for today!
Be sure to leave a comment and ask a question on my F.A.Qs page if you have any!
Thanks for reading and have an awesome day.


12 Things You Need To Make Your Homecoming Less Horrible

Hi, I'm Caroline. Awkward Teen and I are guest posting on each other blog's about school dances to help you feel better about yours. For mine, I thought it'd be best to give you what I didn't have: A warning. Dances are fun, but you need to be prepared. So here's my list of things to help you have the best dance ever.
1. A Group
Okay, so I am TERRIBLE about finding people to go to dances with. No matter what, I always ask late or ask the wrong people (You know, the ones who never go to dances no matter what you try). Normally, though, I end up finding an amazing group, so it all works out. However, the best way to secure one is to ask AT LEAST four weeks ahead. I know it sounds weird, but trust me. Get an early start.
2. A Plan
If you want #1, then you need #2. People like not having to worry about plans. They prefer to have them laid out in front of them so they can just put them into their schedule. Obviously, you have to be flexible and allow your friends' input or else you may be friendless. Don't be a control freak, but at least hand out suggestions for where to eat or have pictures or the time and place for everyone to meet. If people want or need to make minor changes, that's fine. As long as you get the ball rolling, that's all that matters.
3. Time-Management Skills
I've talked about this a little, but it's very important. Dances are one thing you can not afford to procrastinate on. You need to have an idea of what you're doing THREE WEEKS before the big day. If you don't, too late. Don't even bother buying the ticket. It just won't work.
4. The Dress
Duh! My advice is to NEVER pick what you like, but always go for what you LOVE. And don't you dare go to those places where you spend $900 on something you'll wear once. All you accomplish is making your mother cry. Got to consignment stores or thrift shops. The most expensive dress I've ever gotten was less than $150. I got it at Dillard's. JC Penny and Macy's have cute stuff, too. David's Bridal is for BRIDES.
5. The Food
Whenever I went out before a dance, I got something that I didn't think I would spill or would stain too badly. I did get ice cream, but I was super careful. If you're a messy eater (Not judgement, I know that I am), go for something less risky. Avoid spaghetti, chocolate, or anything else that could ruin the dress.
6. Hair
Personally, I always go for up-do's because it gets hot with all the people. If your dance is the same way, I would highly recommend that. A fancy bun is always safe.
7. Accessories
Mine usually include a cute necklace and a clutch to hold my ticket and basic essentials. You don't need to go all-out, just a bit of bling to make you feel like the princess you are. :)
8. Watch the Scent
It's fine if you want to smell nice for that special someone, but don't overdo it. Once you get to the dance, your nose will be overpowered by a million different scents; some pleasant, some not. Don't be one of the "not's".
9. Make-up
I know some of you out there never wear make-up, but this is a dance. You want it to be a magical night where you feel totally amazing. Crazy as it sounds, even a small amount of mascara does wonders. You don't need make-up to be beautiful, but just use some so that you can highlight your best features. :)
10. Dance!
You don't need the moves like Jagger, just have fun. Believe me, no one knows what they're doing. That's what makes it fun. I have no clue how to dance, but just swaying around to the beat is enough. Let loose (But not too loose. Twerking's gross), and enjoy yourself. 
11. Smile
You're scared and nervous, which is totally fine. But if you pretend to be confident, eventually you will be. And you'll have a better time for it.
12. HAVE FUN!!!
It's your night. Take advantage and enjoy it. Get in the middle of the dance floor and have a good time. You will not regret it!

 Hope you like all the tips. If you did, check out my blog, Emojis, Corn, and Survival Tips for Teens and be sure to follow Awkward Teen's. She's one of the best. Have a great day!

I hope you guys enjoyed Caroline's post everyone!
Check out her blog to read my post!


3000 Pageviews!

I know I've posted twice today but this is just going to be super quick.

I just hit 3000 pageviews!

Thank you for everyone that has read my posts, commented on my posts, followed me etc

Just knowing I have over 3000 views on a blog I started 6 months ago amazes me!

So thank you :)

A Quick Update

I am totally aware I haven't posted in quite a while.
I'm sorry!

My blog has grown quite a lot these past few weeks, I'm getting more comments, being asked more questions and getting more followers and I am extremely grateful.

It may seem like I'm slacking but trust me I am not.
I've been working with another blogger (who will be named soon) on a fun themed blog post I hope you will enjoy.

I wont spoilt it but the post I am working on will probably have to be released in parts since it would be too long to release as a whole story so if you guys enjoy it, all you have to do is let me know.

Thanks for being patient as always.


Why I'm Envious Of Americans

So as some of you may know, I went back to school..
I absolutely hate it and I've only been back for 2 days *sigh*
Since this is a pretty important year I'll probably have to stick to posting once a week by completing posts and uploading them on the weekend.
 Although whenever I get holidays I will vow to post as much as I can without getting annoying.

Now in case you're wondering:
Why not complete multiple posts on the weekends and save them as drafts?

I wanted to but I realised its better to wait a few days so fresh ideas can come out then type loads of boring rambly ideas in an hour.
Hope you understand where I'm coming from :)

Anyways lets get onto what I'm supposed to be talking about shall we?

At first I was going to talk about answers to questions people have for British people since I'm British but instead I thought It would be better to talk about my envy for Americans
Trust me, this is not as serious/evil as it sounds.

Basically since most of the people I follow on social platforms are from the USA, I get to see an insight of what is in America and while I am impressed, as small part of me is super envious.

So instead of blabbering on in a super long and boring paragraph I will use bullet points to hopefully make this a little more interesting.

So, as a citizen of the United Kingdom I truthfully admit that I am envious of the fact Americans have:
  • Bed Bath And Beyond&Bed Bath And Body Works (I'm not that envious of the fact that Americans have these stores, I'm more envious of the fact that the UK doesn't have such cool store names)
  •  Iconic fast food branches (Such as Chick-fil-a and chipotle, I've always wanted to try chipotle and although there is one in London, my mum probably wont accept me wanting to try chipotle as an excuse to go to London)
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (I tried a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I went on holiday and it was pretty much heaven between two slices of bread, I'm sorry UK but jam and peanut butter sandwiches are just not the same. Just to clarify, you can purchase actual jelly for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but it is pretty pricey and hard to find unless you go online or go to an American themed shop)
  • Messy food, I've seen how messy the burgers are and I love getting my hands dirty, food in the UK is just too neat!
  • Such amazing candy (we have a lot of American themed shops in the UK and I remember spending £7.50 on a pack of Red velvet oreos, I feel like that's a rip off)
  • Such beautiful neighbourhoods (I don't know why but I feel like the exclusive neighbourhoods such as Calabasas and Bel-air are absolutely gorgeous and its just something I'm envious of, the house styles in the US in general is just something I love.

And that's everything!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you very soon!

P.S: Have a burning question?
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Hello, Autumn

I am once again stuck on ideas so I decided to talk about Autumn.

As you may know, August is over and September has begun.
Meaning Autumn is starting soon (well technically its still summer because Autumn doesn't begin till Wednesday the 23rd of September (In the northern hemisphere) but that's not the point.

Today in Manchester it rained, a lot (Typical England) but it wasn't normal rain (at least to me)

I always tell people I can smell rain.
Yes, I know it sounds weird but whenever I'm out I can always smell when the rain is coming, I don't know, maybe its me thinking I'm an island fairy.
If you're interested the rain smell kind of smells like wet dirt.

(I'm going off topic...)

Anyways back to what I was saying, today the air felt super cold, not like normal.
You could just tell autumn was coming and although autumn is probably my favourite season because I don't like winter and I have bad hayfever during the summer (I am just so lucky -.-) I feel like I'm not ready to let it go yet.

I'm going to miss wearing shorts that are way too small and dresses that are way to big as well as the ice cream and slushies.

I literally just bought new clothes and now I'll probably have to buy sweaters and leggings and whatever typical teenagers wear on tumblr..

One thing I find is funny about autumn is how much I think I relate to pictures like this:

But in reality I really don't because:
1. I don't wear hoodies outside because I get cold easily and since hoodies aren't the warmest things to wear I make sure I look like this:
before I step outside

2. I drink more tea than hot cocoa because I don't like cows milk and soy milk in hot chocolate tastes more like hot sweat than hot cocoa (Well, in my opinion anyways)
3. If only I could get my beaver feet into boots..
4. I wear jeans anyways, what makes them special in autumn?!
5. Cuddling with whom? #Nobae
6. I doubt I spend my autumns going outside and saying "MMMM THIS AIR SURE IS CRISP"
7. What are flushed cheeks?

I feel like I sound like a huge pessimist but believe me, I'm not.
I just have strong opinions.
I'll prove I'm a joyful person.

Hello Autumn, I like you because...the leaves are cool?