12 Things You Need To Make Your Homecoming Less Horrible

Hi, I'm Caroline. Awkward Teen and I are guest posting on each other blog's about school dances to help you feel better about yours. For mine, I thought it'd be best to give you what I didn't have: A warning. Dances are fun, but you need to be prepared. So here's my list of things to help you have the best dance ever.
1. A Group
Okay, so I am TERRIBLE about finding people to go to dances with. No matter what, I always ask late or ask the wrong people (You know, the ones who never go to dances no matter what you try). Normally, though, I end up finding an amazing group, so it all works out. However, the best way to secure one is to ask AT LEAST four weeks ahead. I know it sounds weird, but trust me. Get an early start.
2. A Plan
If you want #1, then you need #2. People like not having to worry about plans. They prefer to have them laid out in front of them so they can just put them into their schedule. Obviously, you have to be flexible and allow your friends' input or else you may be friendless. Don't be a control freak, but at least hand out suggestions for where to eat or have pictures or the time and place for everyone to meet. If people want or need to make minor changes, that's fine. As long as you get the ball rolling, that's all that matters.
3. Time-Management Skills
I've talked about this a little, but it's very important. Dances are one thing you can not afford to procrastinate on. You need to have an idea of what you're doing THREE WEEKS before the big day. If you don't, too late. Don't even bother buying the ticket. It just won't work.
4. The Dress
Duh! My advice is to NEVER pick what you like, but always go for what you LOVE. And don't you dare go to those places where you spend $900 on something you'll wear once. All you accomplish is making your mother cry. Got to consignment stores or thrift shops. The most expensive dress I've ever gotten was less than $150. I got it at Dillard's. JC Penny and Macy's have cute stuff, too. David's Bridal is for BRIDES.
5. The Food
Whenever I went out before a dance, I got something that I didn't think I would spill or would stain too badly. I did get ice cream, but I was super careful. If you're a messy eater (Not judgement, I know that I am), go for something less risky. Avoid spaghetti, chocolate, or anything else that could ruin the dress.
6. Hair
Personally, I always go for up-do's because it gets hot with all the people. If your dance is the same way, I would highly recommend that. A fancy bun is always safe.
7. Accessories
Mine usually include a cute necklace and a clutch to hold my ticket and basic essentials. You don't need to go all-out, just a bit of bling to make you feel like the princess you are. :)
8. Watch the Scent
It's fine if you want to smell nice for that special someone, but don't overdo it. Once you get to the dance, your nose will be overpowered by a million different scents; some pleasant, some not. Don't be one of the "not's".
9. Make-up
I know some of you out there never wear make-up, but this is a dance. You want it to be a magical night where you feel totally amazing. Crazy as it sounds, even a small amount of mascara does wonders. You don't need make-up to be beautiful, but just use some so that you can highlight your best features. :)
10. Dance!
You don't need the moves like Jagger, just have fun. Believe me, no one knows what they're doing. That's what makes it fun. I have no clue how to dance, but just swaying around to the beat is enough. Let loose (But not too loose. Twerking's gross), and enjoy yourself. 
11. Smile
You're scared and nervous, which is totally fine. But if you pretend to be confident, eventually you will be. And you'll have a better time for it.
12. HAVE FUN!!!
It's your night. Take advantage and enjoy it. Get in the middle of the dance floor and have a good time. You will not regret it!

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