If I Were A Disney Princess I Would...

Awkward Teen posting twice a week?

Yeah.. I'm on half term right now so I have a lot of spare time on my hands..

So literally 15 minutes ago I looked through my blog notes diary
which, lets face it, is something I rarely go through because my ideas are becoming more and more spontaneous.
When I was looking through the pages, first I was in awe looking at how far my blog had grown in just 7 months but then I stumbled across a few ideas I had jotted down for possible post ideas such as:
  • My Pet Peeves
  • Advice Post (which I'm 94% sure I've done before)
  • How I Lost 42 Pounds
  • How I Get Out Of Bed (When I REALLY Don't Want To)
Now although all of these are intriguing ideas which I may or may not do (depending on demand)
the one I found most intriguing was what I would do if I were a Disney princess because it would be probably be the best experience of my life.
Although some of my policies may be a little....unconventional.

Wait, how does one become a princess in the Disney movies?

*Impromptu google search*

Oh! The princesses are either born as royals or married into it.

I totally knew that..

Lets just say, imagine I was born as a princess (because I'd want to take advantage of having people wait on me hand and foot as a teenager instead of inevitably getting married to a prince at like 16 "by chance")

So if I were to be a teenaged princess some of my policies would be:

No Interruption By Staff Until 10pm:
This is just a common mystery to me, I've seen in Disney movies AND Barbie movies the staff like to arrive early at the royals bedrooms knocking with breakfast.
Now I do appreciate the staff preparing breakfast but I don't wake up until about 9am-ish and then I spend at least an hour watching youtube videos so my policy would be to not force waffles into my mouth at the brink of dawn.
Reasonable policy if I do say so myself.

I love dresses, believe me but when I watch Disney movies I see the royals wearing dresses every second.
Now I know it looks professional or whatever but the policies would be different with me.
I love the feeling you get when I wear dresses, it makes me feel so free but after a while it gets annoying because I keep tripping up because I get annoyed at holding my dress up to walk every second. 
Also I know the royals do it but I REFUSE TO WEAR A DRESS TO BED.
I practically do the splits in my sleep so I'd find it extremely confusing to fully relax whilst wearing a night gown.
And, well, sometimes a girl just wants to kick back in a pair of leggings, warm socks and a sweater so there is no need for constant dress wear.
(Plus, I utterly refuse to go to the potty wearing a dress, its extremely difficult)
 Dresses would only be worn for super special occasions.
And I mean SUPER special.
I don't ever if the freaking Queen Of Sheba is coming over for tea, I will probably still wear a onesie.
I'm sorry.

No Fancy Schmancy Food:
In royal castles all you see are fancy finger foods and horderves.
That would not be the case with me.
Definitely not, I would never change my eating habits now so don't expect them to change if I was a Disney princess.
To be honest, at a dinner table everyone would probably be like this

And I..
Well I'd be eating like this..
Yay for no shame?

Also, for when the Royal castle has banquets, instead of having tables full of...urm..

My style would be more: Burgers, chips and dominoes pizza.
I know, classy.
I'm aware of how bad my eating habits are.

Omg, I've just realised how long this post is getting.
Lets Stop.
I wont lie, I had way too much fun typing out this post, I hope you all enjoy it to!
I have way more 'Princess Policies' but this post would become so long, it'd be unbelievable.
So if you want to see a part 2,
Let me know in the comments!
Also, fellow bloggers I tag you all to do this post, I want to know your policies too!

Happy Reading!


My Typical Blogging Process

I'm unsure if you guys will enjoy this post but oh well!

Last week I thought "Hey, I wonder if anyone's interested in what my blogging process is"
So then that inspired this post!
I've had this post saved as a draft for so long,its crazy.

Moving on, instead of having my blogging process typed in long paragraphs I'll type it in steps because lets be honest, long paragraphs are definitely not super fun to read.
Plus, typing it in steps allows me to easily add fun GIFs along the way!

Lets begin!

The Thought Process:

All of my blog posts start with one thing;
An idea.
 Mainly blog ideas will only come instantly or weeks before so I think its good to start typing them  as soon as I get the idea because although I'm 15 I seem to have the brain of an 97 year old as I forgot main things almost instantly.

The Writing Process: 

Ah, definitely the hardest part of my blogging process,
typing out a blog post is very much like studying for a test, for me especially.
I know I have to do it but it's so hard to bring myself to do it but I know I'll be happy with myself in the end.
Don't get me wrong though, most of my posts I enjoy typing but sometimes I'll be the laziest person in the world and find distractions from all corners.
I can't help it.

The Thumbnail Process:
I have two laptops, one I use to blog on and my newer normal laptop, if you wonder why I don't use my new laptop for my blogging stuff, it's because whenever I add images to my posts with that laptop, it doesn't seem to show up for some reason so I use my older laptop for typing, posting and creating thumbnails.
As you all may know for most posts, I make a thumbnail so when I share it on the all mighty Google+, it looks more interesting to click on.
Creating a thumbnail takes literally only 2-5 minutes, depending on how good I want it to look.
After its made I save it and insert it into my post.
(All my thumbnails are made on PicMonkey and I'm trying to make them look better, day by day!)

The Checking Process:

I'm quite the perfectionist so I make sure I check over my blog posts at least 3 times for spelling errors and anything else that needs correcting before I post it. Although despite the amount of times I check over it, I probably miss an error somewhere so if there are errors in this post or any of my previous posts, (as well as future posts, lets be honest) 

The Posting Process:

After I'm happy with my post, I click publish and then Voila!
Its up!
As soon as I press publish Google+ prompts me to share it so I do.
I share it at least twice because I read online its good to share it more than one, just to make sure its out there fully.
Will people like it? Will they not?
The Sharing Process:

I'm in a few blogging communities so I like to share my posts, just in case anyone in those communities want to read what I've posted!

And Then Afterwards..

After all is done and dusted, I just sit back and occasionally check for any comments or anything else.
If I get a comment I'll respond obviously because I love communicating with my commenter's!

That's basically it! 
That's my complete blogging process!
Hope you enjoyed it.
I was thinking of doing the 50 goofy questions tag but I might not go through with it because I think I've done enough tags for right now but if you want me to do it, say so in the comments! Or if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment them as well!
Happy Reading!


My Latest Obsession

I totally forgot Saturday was my posting day because I've been up to my knees in homework, especially history homework, jheez history homework involves so much writing..

Anyways for this weeks post I decided to talk about my new latest obsession.

With me its pretty easy to get me hooked on certain things such as people or tv shows and for right now its:

If you're not into gory type shows then it's probably not for you.

Oooh I should do my own review..
Yeah, lets do it!

Basically it is about a doctor named Olivia "Liv" Moore who is happily engaged and a great worker. She is asked to attend a boat party which she reluctantly agrees to but it ends up being crashed when people turn into zombies. (How this happens is revealed later)
A guy named Blaine who was originally groping Liv (to her dismay) at the party attacks her when he becomes a zombie and she is scratched by him and then she falls of the boat and into the lake, which kills her.

The next day she wakes up as a zombie in a body bag, realising she's become a zombie.
Since she's afraid of turning her fiancée into a zombie she breaks of their engagement and quits her job as a doctor and decides to work at the morgue where she can apply her doctor skills whilst curing her hunger by eating the brains of the dead bodies.
However when she eats someones brains she inhabits some of their traits and has their visions, temporarily and this is useful because it allows her to solve crimes with her police partner Clive.
Gore Rating:
 It's not super gory but you do see blood and dead bodies quite a lot, as well as brains but if you have the stomach for it, feel free to watch it.
I'd give the gore a 4/5
Comedy Rating:
 It's pretty funny, mainly because the main character has a sarcastic type of humour (100% me) and the Liv's best friend Ravi cracks me up with how totally okay he is with Liv being an undead zombie (that my friends, is true friendship)
I'd give the comedy rating a 5/5
Crime Rating:
Crime is like one of the main elements of the show and it plays into what makes her zombie "skills" useful, obviously its not 100% all about crime as that would be boring, there are other subplots that make it interesting too but every episode has a different crime to be solved.
Normally I don't like crime shows but for iZombie I strangely love it.
I'd give the crime rating a 3.5/5
Favourite Character:
Obviously Liv
What can I say, she's awesome and even better when she goes "Full on zombie mode"
She becomes 10 times stronger and her eyes go blood red

I can definitely see why I love it so much though, its made by CW who also happen to produce The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.
Two shows I am also involve with.
If you want to watch the Trailer for iZombie click here:
Even if you don't want to watch iZombie I encourage all of you to watch the trailer just to see what you think.

Anyways that's all for today folks!
Sidenote: This isn't sponsored in any way (Are sponsored blog posts even a thing?)
I just wanted to share the show I'm in love with, with all of you
Thanks for reading!


What Made Me Smile This Week

So last week I told a commenter I'd try to take part in her creative "Reasons To Smile Challenge"

Although the challenge was to post something everyday, my school life makes it hard to do so, so instead I promised to post something about what me smile this week.

Just to make sure I didn't forget, I made sure to note down everything that made me crack even the tiniest smile.
So here it is!:

Monday- I got to make doughnuts for my food technology assessment and even though I thought they tasted average, everyone definitely enjoyed them!
-I had history, I'm not sure why but I just adore history
-My friends are some of the funniest people I know so seeing them definitely made my day.

Tuesday- Food makes me happy so having a slice of red velvet cake that day brought unlimited joy to my soul.
-I found out I did well on a test (I was definitely happy with that, mainly because I forgot to revise for it)
-Being around my crush that day= UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF JOY <3<3

Wednesday- This day was very challenging because I had the most boring subjects you could every dream of plus a maths test -.- but I guess the one thing that made me smile was having a 'party' in one of the classrooms with my friends at lunch time.
-I had PE that day, for some reason I actually enjoy PE (Strange huh?) but then I found out we were doing an Insanity workout so I proceeded to cry silently in the changing room.

Thursday- The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (By Dan and Phil) arrived!
I mean technically it came on a wednesday but I asked my friend to order it for me so Thursday was the day I got to physically hold it in my hands and I don't lie when I say, I hugged it for about 15 minutes and carried it around with me everywhere I went instead of putting in my locker, plus I went crazy at my friends to not show me any of the pages because if they even tried to spoil it for me, I'd burn their house down.
(The day I'm currently typing this is on a saturday and I'm already on page 120)

Friday- I found out that a vlogging couple I watch, The SacconeJoly's are currently trying for a baby, you may ask yourself "Why did that make you happy", well I have a history of vicariously living through people so the fact they are trying to add a new member to their adorable family makes me the happiest being on earth.
I mean look at how cute this family is:
I also thought of a genius plan that succeeded, basically my friendship group prefer to eat their food in classrooms during lunchtime instead of the cafeteria and every friday the school makes pizza and chips, now, the pizza tastes like death but the chips and beans tastes like heaven on a plate so I thought "What if I buy the chips and take a container to school to scrape it in so I can take it outside" 
In our school you cant take food from the cafeteria outside so it was a risky plan, but obviously my (not) James bond type moves completed the plan and I was able to enjoy it with my friends.
Also later on my mum bought me a subway,
How could that not deliver happiness?
Then later on I watched The Vampire Diaries and The Originals which did not meet my expectations,if I'm honest
But besides that Friday was hands down the best day of the week (as it is for many)

Saturday- Nothing really happened (Its saturday right now as I am typing this)
All I did was watch KC Undercover and complete a  boring homework on Factorising Quadratic equations..
Ugh, it was supposed to take me 15 minutes but obviously I became distracted by the stupidest things so it took me an hour but at least for today I'll know I'll have this posted, completing the promise I made :).

And there is it!
Obviously there were more things that made me smile but I realised there was a pattern in the list I made, every single time I wrote pretty much the same thing, such as "My friends made me smile" or "This food made me smile" so I decided to just to put the key things in this post.
But besides that, what made you smile this week?
Be sure to leave it in the comments!
Have a good day xo


The TMI Tag

As person who loves to do tags I realised I've not done one in about 2 months...

So I thought, why not do one I've been wanting to do for a long time!

The TMI Tag

Don't worry the questions aren't super TMI so no filter is needed.
Originally there are 50 questions but I don't want this post to become longer than the Oxford dictionary so I shortened it to 20 questions.

Feel free to take these questions and do the tag yourself!

1. What are you wearing?
Right now, a tank top and shorts (because every professional blogger types in their pyjamas)
2. Have you ever been in love?
I've dated people before but do I even know what love is?
3. Have you ever had a terrible break up?
When I was like 9 (yes,9) I was dating a guy and he dumped me on Facebook but I responded super cool-like and said "Okay :)" and he was happy I responded so calmly but later that night I silently cried into my pillow whilst my mum talked on the phone next to me.
*Sigh* I am just the queen of repressed emotions..
4. How tall are you?
5ft4/ 162cm
5. How much do you weigh?
Yeah.. I'm not the fattest person in the world and my BMI is fine but my thighs are literally the size of Jupiter
6. Any tattoos?
No but I occasionally collect spiderman tattoos from candy boxes.
 Does that count?
7. Any piercings?
Just my ears..
(Wow..I must sound like the most excited person in the world)
8. Otp?
I don't really 'ship' anyone but I do find a few relationships cute such as Zoe and Alfie and Marcus and Niomi (From Youtube)
9. What is your favorite show?
The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.
10. Who are your favorite bands?
I don't really listen to bands.
11. Something you miss?
The pizza I had on Saturday.
It was really good.
12. Favorite song?
Right now, Demi Lovato- Cool For The Summer
13. How old are you?
14. Zodiac sign?
Gemini, one thing I hate about being a Gemini is they are said to be two-faced.
15. Quality you look for in a partner?
Definitely a sense of humour  
16. What is your favorite quote?
My quote-"Stfu I'm eating"
17. Who is your favorite actor?
18. Favorite color?
Teal, Is it just deja-vu or have I already answered this?
Meh, its probably on one of my older posts.
19. Loud music or soft?
A little bit of both.
20. Where do you go when you’re sad?
The fridge

And there it is!
I had a lot of doubts with posting this, I wont lie to you
Mainly because I think this post isn't as entertaining as I thought it would be.
I don't know, let me know in the comments what you thought of it.
If you have any tags you want me to do, don't hesitate to tell me!
Thanks for reading,