My Latest Obsession

I totally forgot Saturday was my posting day because I've been up to my knees in homework, especially history homework, jheez history homework involves so much writing..

Anyways for this weeks post I decided to talk about my new latest obsession.

With me its pretty easy to get me hooked on certain things such as people or tv shows and for right now its:

If you're not into gory type shows then it's probably not for you.

Oooh I should do my own review..
Yeah, lets do it!

Basically it is about a doctor named Olivia "Liv" Moore who is happily engaged and a great worker. She is asked to attend a boat party which she reluctantly agrees to but it ends up being crashed when people turn into zombies. (How this happens is revealed later)
A guy named Blaine who was originally groping Liv (to her dismay) at the party attacks her when he becomes a zombie and she is scratched by him and then she falls of the boat and into the lake, which kills her.

The next day she wakes up as a zombie in a body bag, realising she's become a zombie.
Since she's afraid of turning her fiancée into a zombie she breaks of their engagement and quits her job as a doctor and decides to work at the morgue where she can apply her doctor skills whilst curing her hunger by eating the brains of the dead bodies.
However when she eats someones brains she inhabits some of their traits and has their visions, temporarily and this is useful because it allows her to solve crimes with her police partner Clive.
Gore Rating:
 It's not super gory but you do see blood and dead bodies quite a lot, as well as brains but if you have the stomach for it, feel free to watch it.
I'd give the gore a 4/5
Comedy Rating:
 It's pretty funny, mainly because the main character has a sarcastic type of humour (100% me) and the Liv's best friend Ravi cracks me up with how totally okay he is with Liv being an undead zombie (that my friends, is true friendship)
I'd give the comedy rating a 5/5
Crime Rating:
Crime is like one of the main elements of the show and it plays into what makes her zombie "skills" useful, obviously its not 100% all about crime as that would be boring, there are other subplots that make it interesting too but every episode has a different crime to be solved.
Normally I don't like crime shows but for iZombie I strangely love it.
I'd give the crime rating a 3.5/5
Favourite Character:
Obviously Liv
What can I say, she's awesome and even better when she goes "Full on zombie mode"
She becomes 10 times stronger and her eyes go blood red

I can definitely see why I love it so much though, its made by CW who also happen to produce The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.
Two shows I am also involve with.
If you want to watch the Trailer for iZombie click here:
Even if you don't want to watch iZombie I encourage all of you to watch the trailer just to see what you think.

Anyways that's all for today folks!
Sidenote: This isn't sponsored in any way (Are sponsored blog posts even a thing?)
I just wanted to share the show I'm in love with, with all of you
Thanks for reading!

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