My Typical Blogging Process

I'm unsure if you guys will enjoy this post but oh well!

Last week I thought "Hey, I wonder if anyone's interested in what my blogging process is"
So then that inspired this post!
I've had this post saved as a draft for so long,its crazy.

Moving on, instead of having my blogging process typed in long paragraphs I'll type it in steps because lets be honest, long paragraphs are definitely not super fun to read.
Plus, typing it in steps allows me to easily add fun GIFs along the way!

Lets begin!

The Thought Process:

All of my blog posts start with one thing;
An idea.
 Mainly blog ideas will only come instantly or weeks before so I think its good to start typing them  as soon as I get the idea because although I'm 15 I seem to have the brain of an 97 year old as I forgot main things almost instantly.

The Writing Process: 

Ah, definitely the hardest part of my blogging process,
typing out a blog post is very much like studying for a test, for me especially.
I know I have to do it but it's so hard to bring myself to do it but I know I'll be happy with myself in the end.
Don't get me wrong though, most of my posts I enjoy typing but sometimes I'll be the laziest person in the world and find distractions from all corners.
I can't help it.

The Thumbnail Process:
I have two laptops, one I use to blog on and my newer normal laptop, if you wonder why I don't use my new laptop for my blogging stuff, it's because whenever I add images to my posts with that laptop, it doesn't seem to show up for some reason so I use my older laptop for typing, posting and creating thumbnails.
As you all may know for most posts, I make a thumbnail so when I share it on the all mighty Google+, it looks more interesting to click on.
Creating a thumbnail takes literally only 2-5 minutes, depending on how good I want it to look.
After its made I save it and insert it into my post.
(All my thumbnails are made on PicMonkey and I'm trying to make them look better, day by day!)

The Checking Process:

I'm quite the perfectionist so I make sure I check over my blog posts at least 3 times for spelling errors and anything else that needs correcting before I post it. Although despite the amount of times I check over it, I probably miss an error somewhere so if there are errors in this post or any of my previous posts, (as well as future posts, lets be honest) 

The Posting Process:

After I'm happy with my post, I click publish and then Voila!
Its up!
As soon as I press publish Google+ prompts me to share it so I do.
I share it at least twice because I read online its good to share it more than one, just to make sure its out there fully.
Will people like it? Will they not?
The Sharing Process:

I'm in a few blogging communities so I like to share my posts, just in case anyone in those communities want to read what I've posted!

And Then Afterwards..

After all is done and dusted, I just sit back and occasionally check for any comments or anything else.
If I get a comment I'll respond obviously because I love communicating with my commenter's!

That's basically it! 
That's my complete blogging process!
Hope you enjoyed it.
I was thinking of doing the 50 goofy questions tag but I might not go through with it because I think I've done enough tags for right now but if you want me to do it, say so in the comments! Or if you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment them as well!
Happy Reading!


  1. I can totally relate ... it's great finding your blog :)

  2. I am such a perfectionist as well can deffo relate .
    I would love it if you could check out my blog as well .- lifeasmeq.blogspot.co.uk
    Yes the q is ment to be there :)

    1. I love your blog,its adorable!
      I'm following :)


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