Goodbye, For Now

I originally wanted to post something else I had planned but since I'm failing to get that finished I have to say goodbye for now.
Don't worry I'm not dying or anything I'm just going on holiday for 3 weeks.
I'm going to new york and since I don't know if ill be able to post I might have to take a hiatus.
I'm very sure ill be able to post something though because I can use my phone or a laptop but I doubt I'll be able to make the cute thumbnail picture I always make.
We shall see.

I'm travelling alone this year which is pretty nerve racking but hopefully it will all go well.
I have smarties to binge the whole flight so I probably wont even remember how afraid I was. 
I'm getting on the plane tomorrow so for now,
(And if I don't post in 4weeks I'm probably dead)


  1. Have fun in New York! Come back with lots of inspiration and new blog posts!

    1. Thanks! I'm having a splendid time! I already have dozens of new things to talk about!


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