What I've Learnt From Visiting America

Happy New Year!

As you may know, its been too long since I posted something on this blog, that is because I've been in America for two weeks, I honestly thought I'd be able to post something but my relatives have THE WORST internet connection, it was so frustrating but I've not been fully inactive, while I was there I was jotting down notes on what I could talk about on this blog.
One of the main ones was this idea because from being in America I have learnt many many things, things that may seem stupid to you but for me it was life changing.
Okay maybe that's an itty-bitty exaggeration but I did find it quite interesting.

1. The UK is SERIOUSLY food deprived.

Literally any place I stayed in America had food shops around the corner, one place I stayed had about 20 places to buy something to eat such as Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Little Caesars, Crowns Chicken, Tony's Pizza etc. and the other place I stayed had restaurants such as: Mcdonalds and a Pizza Hut within a mile radius.
In the Uk, for me, getting to a Mcdonalds involves me having to walk about 30 minutes and I love Mcdonalds but I would never walk that much for it.
The struggle is real.
I've tried many foods in my time but America definitely does it the best (In my opinion)
...Gaining pounds whilst in America was inevitable.
2. Subways are VERY loud.

In the Uk I'm not sure if we have subways but I know we have trains and trams, I see trams all the time near the Manchester Arndale (Its a large shopping centre/mall if you're unsure on what that is)
The trams are not that noisy but the subways in America...
I'm not a fan of massively noisy things especially when it doesn't sound too pleasant so everytime the subway went past I always covered my ears.
3. I will probably never understand american coins

Maybe I'm just very stupid but the American coins ALWAYS confused me, When I was purchasing something I owed the woman $3.50 but I'm pretty sure I gave her about $5 in coins because she gave me back a heap of the coins, It was so embarrassing. But literally I will never understand what dimes and nickels are, which is stupid because I can just google a chart with the American coin values but knowing me, I'll look at it and then when I try and purchase something using coins I'll become nervous as the cashier is waiting for the money and forget everything.
I'm terrible under pressure.
4. Most of the adverts make me cringe

This stuck out to me massively, when I was watching TV shows there came a point when it went on a commercial break and when it did, loads of different adverts came on but they were so..weird.
Not of all them, don't get me wrong but a few of them had the cringiest and most awkward acting I've ever seen.
I remember watching an advert about life insurance or something and even though it should've been something good they all looked miserable, but tried to sound super happy and I remember it just looked and sounded so freakin awkward.
Although in the UK some adverts are quite badly acted, in America I find it much worse.
5.America itself confuses me

The whole "street thing and avenue thing" bewilders me like for example a road could be called 96th Street and I was just like "What?!"
It made completely no sense to me because in the UK our roads have their own names instead of numbers.
To Americans it probably makes perfect sense but to me, Nope.
6. England needs Target

We just do.
Don't question it.
7. Most of every day things have different names

For example what they call "Axe" we call Lynx and the cereal they call "Frosted Flakes" is called "Frosties" in the UK.
Another thing that bugged me was the fact they have a stored called T.J. Maxx when in England we call it TK Maxx, not sure why it bugged me so much, it probably did because I'm so used to it being TK Maxx so whenever people said "T.J. Maxx" I felt the need to correct them because to me they were saying it wrong.
8. Hershey's to America is Cadbury for Us

I should've known this anyway but in England, in every casual shop and supermarket you will most likely always find Cadbury chocolate its like the main one but with us, Hershey's is a little bit more trickier to find as it is an American brand and sometimes (not all the time though) it will be a little bit overpriced just because its foreign but in America its cheap and literally EVERYWHERE.
Every shop where you could buy everyday things had Hershey's in it.
Another thing I noticed was how fancy they made Cadburys look, just like Hershey's in England I only found Cadburys in some stores in America and it looked like the most fanciest, premium chocolate I had ever seen.
Seriously the Cadbury wrappers were completely different to ours , it looked like some type of exclusive Belgian chocolate or something however I never looked at the price because I never saw one but I'm assuming it was a little overpriced.
I only just found out that in different countries some chocolates taste different, now I wish I had bought the Cadbury chocolate to see if it did taste different.
9. Cup sizes that are supposed to be small, REALLY ARENT

 I went into an food place asking for a small cup to get a soda from the fountain but then I got handed some huge medium/ large looking cup and I was just like "WHAT"
Most people would be like "How is that bad? More soda!" but to me I found it irritating because:
1. The more juice I drink, the faster it goes straight through me (I know TMI)
2. I hate carrying soda around with me because it freezes my hand, this is why I like super small cups so I can easily finish it whilst I'm eating.
10. I Hate The Dominos Pizza In America

Dominos is probably my favourite pizza place so by default I thought that in America it would taste spectacular and life changing and I hate myself for saying this but:
The pizza in dominos wasn't...terrible but I immediately realised that when I took a bite out of a dominos pizza slice they like to use many various cheeses in their pizza..
My family in America call me bland for saying this but I just like mozzarella on my pizza.
No Provolone.
No Asiago.
No Parmesan.
Just good ol' mozzarella.

And there we go!
Those were some of the things I learnt from visiting America.
Sorry its been a while since I posted but hopefully I can get back into a habit of posting every week.
I reached 5000 pageviews by the way so soon I'll have a very exciting post up about it!


  1. LOL, I LOVE this! I live in an area where we don't have subways, but when I went to places like Chicago and Washington, D.C... It's insane how loud those are! If you thought Domino's was bad, try Euro Gyro. If I squeezed one piece of pizza, I can guarantee that there'd be enough grease to fill a large bowl. Gross!
    And I totally understand about ads. Don't worry, even Americans hate them. That's why most of them switch to Netflix. Hahaha. As far as coins go, here's some advice: Just use quarters. In America, that is the ONLY coin that actually matters. That's the biggest one with the guy with a fancy ponytail (That's George Washington, by the way. That may seem like unimportant info, but people will look at you funny if you call him "guy with a ponytail", so I wanted you to know that. ;)). Sorry, I'm blabbering, but I just wanted to let you know that you're not a failure or something for having those thoughts. Even some Americans do. =D

    1. You think subways are loud too? Awesome! So I don't sound whiny for saying that! I've never tried Euro Gyro but I guess I never will now! I hate hate hate when pizzas are super greasy! For the coins thing I think I kinda already followed your advice because the quarters were the only ones I really used because its the only coin I understood beside the dollar coin! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. This is such an interesting post! I liked reading all the things you found weird about the US which is hilarious especially coming from someone from the UK xD I agree, America is pretty food oriented! I've never been on a subway before so I'm not sure about HOW loud they are exactly but I'll take your advice when you say they're VERY loud!
    Great post! And happy new year!

    1. Thanks I'm glad you liked it! Besides the horrifically loud noise the subway makes its actually a pretty cool experience, I forgot to mention that. I also guarantee any foreigner would not understand the subway map! Most confusing thing I've ever seen! Happy new year!


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