Odd Things I Enjoy The Smell Of

I've had this post saved as a draft for way too long.

I'm not sure why I never got round to finishing this post because I thought it could be a very new and interesting idea.
I've not had a scavenge around different blogs so I'm not sure if this idea has already been done but I don't remember seeing anything like this so well done to me for coming up with something at least mildly interesting.

Moving on, the reason I came up with this idea was because I realised a few months ago that I normally prefer the smell of "Odd" things compared to normal things like perfume, now don't get me wrong, not all of these stuff are "Odd" but when I say it I just mean something that isn't typically perceived as "Gorgeous smelling" like body spray and stuff.
But enough of my rambling, here's the odd things I enjoy the smell of!

The Smell That Comes out of Exhaust Pipes
I don't have a car and I am quite thick so I have no idea what the gas that comes out of a back of a car is called but I LOVE the smell, Does anyone else because I want to know that I'm not crazy for loving the smell.
So if you see a girl with her nose shoved up the back of a car, it's probably me.

I cannot be the only one that loves this smell, it smells so aged and rustic, does that even make sense?
I barely go to libraries anymore but when I do...

It had to make the list, I mean, come on.

I don't smoke and I probably never will but I love the smell so much however I don't stand there inhaling for too long because I run the risk of passive smoking.
There is nothing wrong with smoking because people can do whatever they want.
I say this because offending people on the internet has become almost inevitable these days.

Nail Polish Remover
Some say it is too strong, I say,

This is a big one for me,
I love the smell of couches, fabric ones and leather ones.
Maybe I'm just smelling the aroma of the house itself or maybe not but I adore the smell but don't worry, I smell the part of the couch where people put their backs.
You wont have to worry about me in your house sticking my nose in the area people put their butts.
Because lets face it, I'm weird but I'm not THAT weird...

I don't recommend getting too close to smell this one...

My Uggs
I have a pair of uggs and I enjoy the smell way to much.
Luckily they don't smell disgusting so I can inhale deeply without the fear of vomiting.

Wardrobes, shelves, tables, nightstands
I don't discriminate.

The After-the-Rain Smell
The scientific word is "Petrichor" which I totally... did not have to Google to find out...

To me, the smell when rain has finished falling smells wonderful, it smells so natural and earthy.
Maybe this one isn't so odd because after all, there is a name for the smell.
Oh well.
That's all I can think of for now, Let me know if you want me to do a part two of this post!
I don't want just me doing it so I tag other bloggers to do this post too.
Go For It!
Also,I've been thinking of launching a survey because I'd be interested in knowing what you guys like and don't like about this blog, let me know if you think it would be a good idea because I have a strong feeling I will do it sometime in the future!
But that's all for now,
Bye! :)


  1. Yeah, fire is a good smell :) I've never heard of liking cigarette smells, but they are so harmful to the body that I never "considered" it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'll have to ask around because surely I cannot be the only one that finds the smell of cigarettes mildly pleasant xD
      Glad you liked the post!


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