This or That Tag


Its been a while since I've done a tag hasn't it?
(I honestly don't know, I should probably check)
I was actually planning on uploading a post about exam stress but I only have like one thing to say in that post so I might post that next, instead I decided to keep things light-hearted instead and do the This or That Tag
It was either that or the Dream tag which I may do as my next tag in the future.
But anyways, lets begin!

Dog or Cat?
I love both but I'd probably have to say dogs, just because they are more playful, every cat I try and interact with either hides or tries to scratch me -_-
Netflix or YouTube?
I REFUSE TO ANSWER THIS, I LOVE BOTH TOO MUCH, (I only like the American Netflix though, the English one sucks)
Phone Call or Text?
Text any day, I cant use emoticons during a phone call.
Toast or Eggs?
Cardio or Weights?
Ew exercise
Facebook or Twitter?
Erm.... twitter? only because I get to see funny tweets 24/7, my facebook is quite boring
Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?
Never really tried a snow cone so ice cream cone (but I really prefer it out of the tub more)
Mobile Games or Console Games?
Mobile, #KimKHollywoodFan
While walking: Music or Podcasts?
Music, I've never listened to podcasts whilst walking but I really should!
iOS or Android?
#TeamAndroid #ICantAffordAniPhone
Form or Function?
Pop or Indie?
Never properly listened to indie, so Pop
Cake or Pie?
Cake, just because there is more variety, I only like one type of pie, Apple <3
Swimming or Sunbathing?
Swimming, I tan too easily
High-tech or Low-tech?
I don't really know what low tech means so I'll just say High-Tech
Big Party or Small Gathering?
*clears throat*
Moving on..
New Clothes or New Phone?
Erm..... I have a lot of clothes but I always want more. Then again, my phone is ancient so I'll go with a new phone.
Specifically the Samsung s7 Edge, my dream phone.
Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?
What a silly question, Rich Friend!

I'm just kidding, Loyalty is way better than materialistic things from friends.

Football or Basketball?
Work Hard or Play Hard?
Play hard, what can I say, I like to play :) (No innuendo intended)
Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?
Its my dream to have a beautiful house interior I can put on Pinterest so I choose Nice home interior
Jogging or Hiking?
I gag at the thought of exercise, even though I need it badly.
I'll have to choose jogging
Bath or Shower?
Well showers give me the excuse to stand and linger in my own thoughts for half an hour and bathing gives me the excuse to sit and watch youtube for 2 hours..
I honestly don't know which one I like better
Sneakers or Sandals?
Sneakers, I have gross monkey feet
Glasses or Contacts?
I don't use either but I'd love to experience putting in contacts.
Hamburger or Taco?
Ugh, now I'm craving one
Couch or Recliner?
I've never had a recliner of my own so definitely a recliner
Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?
Online shopping, it gives me the excuse to be lazy and has more variety with less of a search!
Receive: Email or Letter?
Letter, I love receiving mail for some reason
Passenger or Driver?

That wasn't all the questions but this post would go on for hours if I did all of them,
I hope you enjoyed the post and I'll see you guys soon!


  1. Cool post! We think that we'll do this tag on our page too. :) Thanks for the idea


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