It's Over! Now What Do I Do?

Its over!
My GCSE's, along with everyone else's are over!

I cannot tell you how relieved I am, I threw away all my books which felt great and now I am free to enjoy my summer.

But now the question is, what am I going to do for about 10 weeks?
I've not joined any camps or outdoor activities but I do have plans!

So for this weeks post I'm going to compile my summer plans, in an attempt to be interesting instead of leaving my blog un-updated, which would be dumb since I have so much free time on my hands.


This is my main priority because for some someone who just turned 16, (on the 31st of May btw) my weight is a huge issue. (Pun intended?)
Now firstly, if you saw me in real life, you'd probably think I was skinny, which is what the majority of my friends think but I think that's due to what I wear, most of my clothes look very slimming but in all reality but stomach is not flat.
I'd love for it to be flat but my weight fluctuates and I bloat a lot plus I have a stupidly slow metabolism so yeah.. weight loss isn't easy for me.
But for this summer I want to change that, I'm buying a Teatox from Amazon (which I might review)
Its the 21 Day Teatox from The Little Health Company and I've been wanting to try it for a very long time and although I'm a little sceptical since most of the comments don't talk hugely on "massive weight loss" I'll do it anyway since its pretty cheap (£13.99) and I don't really want to spend £32 on fit tea.
I'll try to be healthy during the teatox and do exercise as well as drinking a little green tea to maximise the results.

2. Step Out Of My Comfort Zone

This is also something I am trying to do more, I normally play it safe and stay inside my house but this summer I want to talk to different people and try things I've never tried before (and I'm not talking about weed or anything like that haha)

3. Get A Boyfriend

Now I don't want to stress over this but I HATE BEING SINGLE, I have great friends and everything but sometimes I just feel like something is missing so if there happens to be a guy that walks into my life this summer, I wouldn't be opposed to it.
Obviously I'm not going to go on some Sherlock search for a guy to cuddle but that doesn't mean I wont keep my eye out ;)

4. Go To The Dentist

My teeth are dreadful.
And in pain right now, omg help.

5. Have Fun?

This may be an obvious one but after every holiday I always regret not having tons of fun, I normally just stay inside on my laptop watching horror movies, which is fun but only to an extent.
I want to get my nails done and meet cute boys and go to parties. But lets be realistic, those things will probably never happen.


I hope you guys are making the most of your summer holidays.
Feel free to tell me in the comments!
And if you have any suggestions for my next post, leave that in the comments too!

(Update: I started typing this post on a Saturday and now its Tuesday and my teatox has been ordered and will be arriving on Thursday! I'm beyond excited to start trying it out! I've already received an email from them about diet tips and a free pdf book about weight loss, whoop!)


Remember, (A Short Poem)

Remember the sadness,
Remember the pain
Remember the way you felt
Was it all just a game?

Remember the way you cried
expecting him to change, but he was too far lost
in his own petty ways

Remember the anxiety of wanting to say hi
Remember your heart weeping when he left without saying

Remember how you feel now when you want to forgive
will it all be worth it for his slow tender kiss?

Remember your worth but don't forget the good memories
cherish them as you go, in sweet beautiful flurries

Remember there are many of 'him' that wont destroy you and leave you hurt

And remember, please remember not to give in to his silly repetitive flirts.

End of poem message: Sorry for the change of tone, I've just been feeling a little down so I wrote this poem to express what I've been going through, it only took me about 10 minutes so it might be kinda bad, I'm not an experienced poet or anything but this pretty much represents my current situation.
I hope you guys are well and I'll see you soon when I become a little more happier.


What I've Learnt About Doing GCSE's...

Guess who's back?
Yeah sorry I've been absent for a while, GCSE's started a while back so I've been spending a long while trying to locate a cave I can live in for the next fifty years.

Jokes, whilst being fully submerged in these exams I discovered something...

They're actually not that bad
Obviously the non stop revision is a pain but they really are just like doing mock exams, I try not to remind myself how super duper important they are because that'll just stress me out.
Unfortunately I don't have any "amazing" exam tips to help stress because I just don't believe in them to be honest. I see tips all the time such as "During the exam, take a deep breath" but if I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out! Nothing will stop it!

All I can say to my fellow exam takers is: be strategic, do past papers! They really help, most of the time questions similar to those on the past papers are put on the real exam anyways and also look at the mark schemes so you can get a taste of what the examiner is looking for when they are marking your exam.
Remember: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
The other day I nearly had a breakdown because I'm pretty sure I flopped my first English literature exam and that could jeopardize my chance of passing but I guess I'll have to wait till results day to see my fate.
Hopefully I did okay.

I had prom by the way!
It was better than I expected!
Even though my dress took way too long to make (I picked it up, on the day of prom!) and the food was kind of gross and everyone's shoes kept being caught on my dress, it wasn't that bad! 
I really wish I could do it again!

My love life is currently in shambles, I did go and see the guy I like and I do have a form of chemistry with him but I don't know.. I kind of expected that one meetup to end up with me and the guy forming a relationship because I don't seem to be entirely stuck in the friendzone but he doesn't  text very often and that leaves me confused but too afraid to question them on it and since the guy rarely responds anyway I'm just trying to find a way to move on from him since he clearly isn't very interested (on text anyways, he's very different in real life)
Maybe in order to find love, I should just stop searching but that is extremely hard.

I also just celebrated my birthday! I didn't do anything special, like literally I just stayed in bed in my pjs because I was too lazy to go outside, I didn't even get a cake because gosh I'm lazy. I'm 16 now even though I don't feel like it at all but at least I can start working so I can make money.

For my birthday I got a phone, its the Gold Samsung Galaxy J5 and its bloomin' huge!
I'm really enjoying the snapchat face filters that weren't on my old s3 mini.

Anyways yeah...I know this post isn't super long but I just wanted to put up something instead of being absent for 2 months, it was kind of meant to be an update type thingy and I only have 8 exams left so then I can start posting more regularly.

Thanks for reading and good luck if you have any exams!