Remember, (A Short Poem)

Remember the sadness,
Remember the pain
Remember the way you felt
Was it all just a game?

Remember the way you cried
expecting him to change, but he was too far lost
in his own petty ways

Remember the anxiety of wanting to say hi
Remember your heart weeping when he left without saying

Remember how you feel now when you want to forgive
will it all be worth it for his slow tender kiss?

Remember your worth but don't forget the good memories
cherish them as you go, in sweet beautiful flurries

Remember there are many of 'him' that wont destroy you and leave you hurt

And remember, please remember not to give in to his silly repetitive flirts.

End of poem message: Sorry for the change of tone, I've just been feeling a little down so I wrote this poem to express what I've been going through, it only took me about 10 minutes so it might be kinda bad, I'm not an experienced poet or anything but this pretty much represents my current situation.
I hope you guys are well and I'll see you soon when I become a little more happier.


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