How My Teatox Went...

So I just finished my teatox by The Little Health Company and it was..interesting.

Unfortunately I didn't take any stomach pictures so I have no before and after images to show you but I will explain what happened in detail.

So I bought it off Amazon here and it came in two days, which was really impressive considering I'm not a prime member so I wasn't eligible for one-day delivery.
When I received it I tore the package open immediately, read the instructions and began filling my first teabag up with the tea (The tea comes with 42 self fill tea bags, thank god for that).
I also received a PDF from the company containing some recipes and tips to help with my teatox which I also found cool.

I made notes along the way during my teatox, they just detailed my first impressions and such, this is what they were:

It smells weird- Ah yes when I opened the bag and smelt the mix of herbs I did think it smelt kinda funny but now I look back on it, it actually smelt super fresh and aromatic
Instantly got rid of my headache- I did have a headache before drinking the tea and as soon as I downed my first cup, it vanished. Also let me just say, for a tea you don't add sugar to, its surprisingly delicious, it has a subtle ginger and mint flavour and in my opinion, I enjoyed it. Much more than I enjoy green tea, which is super bitter.
Energy- Wow, I was so much more energised, I completed tasks much quicker and felt more willing to do exercise, so I was super happy with the energy boost the tea gave me.
Reduced appetite- This was a big one, I normally eat SO much but this tea brought that right down, my over eating was definitely a problem and caused me to gain so much weight but with the tea, I felt more full with smaller meals and the tea cut my cravings, just to make sure it wasn't just me I gave my mum some of the tea, as there was more than enough herbs (I still have some left over even though its been 3 weeks, I'm drinking a cup right now) my mum kept saying she didn't feel hungry which shocked her, she didn't know the tea reduced hunger so when I told her, she was surprised the tea had that much effect and now she's drinking the tea regularly as there is some left over!

Million dollar question:
Did I lose weight?
You bet I did!
I lost about 3kg/Half a stone/6.5lbs but I know I could've lost more but I didn't eat entirely healthy, oops....
My bloating did go down nonetheless, HALLELUJAH. I struggle with that..a lot.
And do I recommend it?
Yep! I would definitely recommend it to all of you, if its something you want to try, its pretty inexpensive too so I might just purchase it again in the future :)

I hope you enjoyed my review-type thing, it was 100% honest and wasn't sponsored by the company :)
Thanks for reading!

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