When I Got My First Period (Storytime)

Is this too revealing?
Eh I don't care.

What inspired me to make this post?
Absolutely nothing.
The idea just came to me after reading a chapter of Percy Jackson, not sure why though since the book has nothing to do with periods.

But anyways, currently I'm up, typing this post at 2am.
That's real dedication my friends.

My first period wasn't super terrifying like I'm not going to be clickbaity and put "MY 1ST PERIOD HORROR!!!11" as my title but it was a pretty shocking experience.

I was 14 years old so this only happened 2 years ago and it was September 20th.
Prior to this I was super annoyed that pretty much all of my friends had gotten their period and I still hadn't, to the point I faked it and said "I was on my period" to my friends when I was in agitated moods.
I didn't feel like a woman just because I wasn't menstruating yet but when it came it completely caught me off guard.
It was a sunny day and I was babysitting my baby cousin (which is quite ironic if you think about it, my period came whilst I was looking after a baby...weird. Its like my body could smell the child)
But yeah, I was watching tv whilst babysitting and then I handed my cousin over to my mother so I could go to the toilet.

I was pretty lucky because my period didn't come whilst I was in school and strangely the blood didn't leak onto my underwear, which was actually a blessing now that I think about it because it saved me throwing away a decent piece of underwear.
It was when I actually wiped, that's when I saw a mixture of a crime scene and Carrie the movie on the piece of toilet roll.
I was so scared.
This is not how I expected my first period to be, for some reason I thought it'd be some sacred event that'd have a heavenly aura glowing from my underwear when I finally started bleeding.
But no, when it actually happened I didn't even think it was happening,
So I did what any normal teenage girl would (not) do, I carried the tissue full of blood and showed it to my mother, I know, that's pretty gross but I was panicking don't judge me.
In return from her, I got the most mundane response
"Its your period, go put on a pad"
I mean sure, I wasn't expecting a bohemian festival or anything but I wanted a little bit of interest, AT LEAST.

So then yeah, I put on a pad and for a few months I didn't get any cramps or any signs of PMS every time my period came so me being cocky I was like "ugh periods are nothing, why do people complain?" but after about a year.

  • Cramps
  • Moodswings
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Backpain
Pretty much the full Satan subscription.
I remember before getting periods, one of my friends I confided in about not starting yet said "Trust me, once you start your period, you'll have wished it never came"

She's always been a wise one


  1. I'm so glad girls are becoming more open about talking/writing about periods! (not in a weird way, just, y'know, people think they're gross, but it's completely normal and we should be more open!).. I feel you on the whole "periods aren't bad" and then getting it really bad thing.. Kinda like karma, eh?
    I recently invested in a Mooncup, which has actually made my period much easier to manage :) x

    1. Also, this post was really great - funny and relatable! I think everyone panics when they get their first period :) x

    2. I'm glad too, they're totally natural, even though they kinda suck and I've heard loads about mooncups! I'll have to check them out and thank you, I'm glad you liked it :) x

  2. I didn't get my first when I was in school either and I'm really grateful for that! Having it happen to me in school is like, one of my greatest fears even up to now, to the point where I keep like a spare of everything the whole week it's due in my bag xD


    1. You're lucky! It still frightens me too but I admire you for being so prepared xD

  3. Aah this was this hilarious.
    "Carrie the movie on the piece of toilet roll." This was epic.You're really lucky though.
    P.S: love your blog :)


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