Halloween Tag w/ Pastel Skies

So recently I got contacted by Pastel Skies asking if I wanted to do a fun Halloween inspired tag and of course I said yes!
She found some fun questions we could both do and at the end I'll link to her blog so you can check out the answers to her questions :)

I love Halloween, sadly I don't really celebrate because my neighbourhood isn't the "safest" and knowing me I'd probably fight the neighbours for not giving me any candy but that doesn't mean I don't like seeing pictures of people celebrating online!
Although seeing everyone lose their heads over Starbucks's Pumpkin spice latte's coming back out is quite irritating but this post isn't suppose to be a rant so lets get onto the questions.


1. What is your favourite Halloween movie?
Addams Family Values, definitely.
Always makes me laugh, I could literally watch it back to back.
Fun fact: my favourite character is of course Wednesday Addams and as much as I love the first movie, I always found the sequel much better.
2. On a scale from 1-10, how much do you enjoy Halloween?
A 6 probably, I don't go trick or treating or dress up because I'm boring and lazy but I do love the Halloween decorations and Halloween inspired food that comes out.
3. What is your 
best Halloween memory?
I attempted to go trick or treating with my cousins once dressed as bloody mary but I was in a rich neighbourhood and we could see into the peoples houses and they seemed really annoyed with like...life so we didn't knock on so we got no candy but to make me feel better, my cousins dropped a pack of polos into my bag.
Thanks cousins.
4. Have you always been a Halloween lover?
I guess?
I'm more of a Halloween food lover (;
5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
I watch Dan&Phils spooky gaming week and look at memes.
Here's an example.

6. Favo
urite Halloween decorations?
7. Favo
urite halloween/fall scent?
The smell of death.

Jokes, I have no clue.
8. Favo
urite halloween candy?
I don't really have one?
I like Halloween but I'm not some huge Halloween head, candy is candy ;p
9. Vampires
, werewolves or zombies?
10. What is your
 weirdest fear?
I only have one.
They're absolute demons.
11. Would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick or treating?
Halloween party of course, my friends and family rarely have parties but when they do.

(omg whilst I was typing this, I just found out that my family is having a party on Saturday, YES!)
12. If you could have a spooky halloween pet (black cat, owl, bat, rat, wolf), what would you pick
I'd go for a wolf but not one that stays in my house, I'd want a huge , cute protector wolf that chills in the woods with its pack and visit me from time to time, especially if I need it to tear someone's throat out.

Haha...just kidding!

..not really..

But anyways, those were the questions and to be honest, they were really fun to answer!
For those who are reading you should definitely check out Pastel Skies's blog with her answers to the questions :)
The link to her blog is:
Her layout is gorgeous and her posts are amazing!
(I love how pretty the pictures she takes are, like seriously <3)


  1. Thanks for the collab really loved your post and your Halloween memory was so funny :) Also we have the same favourite Halloween decoration!!

    1. Thanks for getting the awesome questions and omg wow!


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