Christmas Book Recommendations

So if you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should btw, its liyah_ashley) you would've seen that I posted a picture of two books, calling them my "Winter reads"
They were called:
  • "Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel" by R.H. Sin
  • "Born to Love, Cursed to Feel" by Samantha King
Currently I'm half way through both books and I love them so much!
They're poems and relate to so many situations such as "singleism" and "unrequited love"
But also self-empowerment and self love, things like that.

I've bookmarked so many poems in both books because I love them THAT much
At first I was going to buy "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur but then I saw the poems from WWS and Born to love, Cursed to feel and I fell completely in love.

Just for a little preview I picked a poem from both books so you guys can see what they're like.
A page from Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel                      A page from Born to love Cursed to Feel

Lovely aren't they.
Yeah, I'm not a book reviewer in any way so I cant really find the words to express just how much I love these books.
I literally feel so empowered after reading them and so many of the situations and emotions that are expressed through the poems are things I can relate to and things I've been through.
(At only 16, I know)
These poems teach me things, how I should love myself more and I definitely will be purchasing more of the books from R.H. Sin as he has more books available.
Born to love, Cursed to Feel is Samantha Kings first book but I look forward to more books from her coming out.
Also fun fact, both of the Authors are in a relationship in real life and they're relationship is beyond precious.
I know R.H. Sin doesn't really associate himself with Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel anymore due to some issues with the publisher, he focuses mainly on Whiskey Words, and A Shovel II, Rest In the Mourning (WHICH I WILL BUY I SWEAR OF IT) and his third and final volume of Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel which is coming out next year.

But yeah, I think that's all I have to say for now, I am aware that I am posting less frequently and I'm really sorry, I haven't given up, college is just so much work like its just essay after essay and assessment after assessment but I whenever I can I will try and post and I'm still active so you can still comment questions and feedback and suggestions because I still do check my blog everyday.
I'm planning on posting my 2016 Christmas list soon so stay tuned for that!

Here are the UK links for the books if you wanted to buy them and if you live in the US its much easier to find in places like Barnes and Noble (Check R.H. Sins Instagram for discount codes)

Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel- SOLD OUT
(Cheapest place I found)

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