RIP My Blog (Crucial Advice For Bloggers)

As you can see, my blog has changed, again.
It was formerly "The Terrible Tales of An Awkward Teen" but now it has changed to "Liyah's World"
The reason behind this is,
the other day I noticed on my site instead of the banner and the welcome picture and my button showing up etc. there was a white exclamation mark in a grey box.
I was really puzzled by this and tried to look up ways to fix it and I found a blogger who ran across the same problem.
Pretty much the only way to fix it was to remove the pictures causing error and replace it.
I was really heartbroken by this because I had someone design my blog for me and I didn't really have much knowledge of how to go about changing my blog title and such so I used picmonkey since it was the only thing I could think of.
I don't think it turned out too bad but I will do more to completely remove all the errors, this includes making a whole new button.
I tried to contact the designer of my blog since she designs very well but her blog had completely disappeared and I tried everything to try and search for her but it seems she has vanished.
It was very distressing.
So after a lot of consideration I decided to re-brand my blog name to "Liyah's World" because I felt like previously having the name "Awkward Teen" and having a cartoon as my Google+ picture felt kind of.. childish so I have taken a step in what I believe to be a better direction.
My URL is still the same and I don't really plan on changing it, for now anyways.
But this whole change is what inspired the title "RIP My Blog"
In a way to commemorate the two good years that I was known as Awkward Teen :)

Anyways onto the advice, it comes from the story I just told and I believe its pretty worthy to know especially if you have just started blogging but it is also useful for current bloggers too.
Make it your mission to know how blogging works 
I should've known this sooner but I've learnt my lesson now, if you are going to get your blog designed by someone, make sure you are certain they are going to stay contactable just in case anything goes wrong and also make sure you know how to do things just in case they disappear such as creating headers and things like that because if you just rely on the designer and you have errors you don't know how to work out, you'll be left in quite a sticky situation.
Blogger simplifies how to do things pretty well so don't worry, you wont have to take an extensive course on how to use blogger or anything but if you do not know the basics now and you plan on blogging and running your own website, make sure you know.

Thanks for reading.


What I Got For Christmas+ My Plans For 2017

HELLO 2017

Everyone seems to be happy that its over but why?
I never saw a new year as anything else other than just a new year.
Sure 2016 was kinda sucky but it being over doesn't mean anything.
Its not like all the problems and the celebrity deaths have floated away.
To be honest I just see a new year as a constant reminder that we're ageing another year and getting older and closer to death.

Woah that got dark fast..
ANYWAYS I didn't come on here to be a downer, happy new year!
Christmas this year for me was definitely better than last years, I tried to be more festive and smile more since I'm normally a Grinch during the festive season and it turned out okay!
I never really want a lot of gifts, I normally just ask for one from both parents and they were both money.
The money I got for my mum I used for shopping, came up to a total of £130 and I got £120 from my dad and £20 from my aunt.
My friend also got me the book I really wanted which was Whiskey, Words and A Shovel II.
It was an amazing book

As far as resolutions go, I don't actually have any because I never actually complete them but I did make a cute little life choice.

**Insert Drumroll** 

I bought a journal!

I promised myself I'd actually write in it and I feel like I will, I have a lot of thoughts in my head, my mind is constantly racing so I feel like having a canvas to spill all my thoughts onto will help.

So that's my plan for 2017 as well as being happy and stressing less.
Not really a resolution, more like a life plan.
This post was short but hey, it was something right?
I hope your 2017 is starting out okay and thanks for reading!