About Me


Lets get down to it, my name is Liyah and I am a 17 year old girl.

I attend college but I enjoy blogging in my free time about my crazy little life and my stories I would probably never share with anyone else :)

I think of this blog as my diary and you, the readers are like my friends!

2016 Update: I revealed my name here: What Is My Name?- 5000 Pageviews

(But most people just call me Liyah)

Thanks for visiting my page and Happy Reading. 

Blog Started: Friday 13th Of March 2015

*About Me section updated on 08/10/16


  1. I just realized: Your blog was created Friday the 13th! I'm terrified now! LOL

  2. Hello, it's me xD
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I've tagged you for the Liebster Award, so congratulations! Here's the link to the questions, and look forward to reading your answers :)

    1. Oh wow, Thank you so much! I seen the liebster award on some blog communities and I've always wanted to be tagged so I cannot wait to answer the questions!

  3. I am so glad to have found your blog, it is simply fantastic. <3

    Ava, http://landofquiet.blogspot.com


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